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The first lucky LawyerUp users have been feeling the love with firms getting in touch to say they like the look of them.

Dozens of people have been downloading the revolutionary new legal sector careers app each week (available on the App Store and Google Play), and now that the doors have opened to employers, the matchmaking has commenced.

After downloading the app, users fill in a few fields describing their job status, and that’s all. 

Meanwhile, top employers granted access to LawyerUp can pick a selection of anonymised profiles which fit their vacancy’s parameters and send out a one-line intro. When your phone pings with news of their approach, you can either coldly reject it in the knowledge that you’re highly desirable, or a tap to signal your interest. 

If you tap to communicate your curiosity, your potential new employer gets sent your contact details, at which point they can attempt to seduce you with a wonderful offer of big money/an amazing work-life balance/quality culture/clean loos.

Which has started to happen, with top tier firms notifying users this week, and getting matches. (Don’t panic if you haven’t got an offer yet – it’s not you, it’s them, as the app had only been open to firms for a couple of weeks).

Meanwhile, because RollOnFriday cares, several tweaks requested by you have been made and are available in the latest update. 

Users can now enter the name of their employer if it’s not listed (which ROF highly advises, because otherwise it’s like a dating profile without photos), and people can select the locations they'd be prepared to work.

The polymaths have also been heard, so now multiple jurisdictions of qualification and practice areas can be selected.

LawyerUp’s biggest cohort is lawyers, but there are also hundreds of others who work in law on the app, which is open to anyone in the legal sector. So, whoever you are, wherever you are, and however delighted you are with your current workplace, keep an ear out, and grab the app for your iPhone or your Android.

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Happy at my shop 24 March 23 12:41

Some poorly-performing firms on this week’s culture list are going to struggle to attract talent. Others are going to look very appealing if their name pops up. 

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