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A former lawyer who left her legal career has been inundated with work since she became a pet psychic.

It's hardly a new phenomenon for lawyers to look for a new challenge; some write novels, some establish start-ups and at least one lawyer went on to invent an ergonomic potty. However, Nikki Vasconez quit her job as a property lawyer in the US to become an animal communicator and pet psychic.

Reflecting on her legal career, Vasconez told RollOnFriday: “I had a 2 hour commute each way, leaving time for nothing. Each day on my walk to court, I stopped and hung out with the birds. I always talked to them like they understood me; turns out, they DID understand me. I just didn’t know it yet."

She left the legal profession, and worked at a wellness center, where someone told her that "animal communication was possible". Vasconez researched the topic and read a series of books on it.

She returned to the law, but said: "I started questioning why the heck I was back in a suit, doing something I didn't enjoy. I quit my lawyer gig for good July 2021 and went full time Animal Communication."

To carry out a reading, Vasconez asks the owner for a photo of the animal, where she can see its eyes. The only other information she needs is the name and gender of the pet, and the names of the people in its home. She then sits in a quiet room at home and studies the photo and telepathically asks the animal series of questions. She records the "responses", so the owners can listen back to the full exchange with their beloved pet. 

“When I’m communicating with the animals, sometimes I see images flash across my eyes or I’ll hear particular phrases," said Vasconez. “I don’t hear their accents or tone of voice, but I can always sense their personality.”

Vasconez charges $350 (around £280) for a one-hour session. "It takes a lot of effort on my part to be able to talk to people’s animals," Vasconez told RollOnFriday. "I have to eat well, exercise, get a good night’s sleep, meditate before bed, etc. Also, energetically, I’m tapped out after 2 readings because I’m sitting completely still for 1.5 hours per reading. So it’s taxing on the physical body as well as the energetic body."

Her clients include owners of household pets, rescue owners wanting to understand why their animals are in pain, and grieving pet-lovers who wish to hear from their deceased Mr Tiddles or Groucho Barks. 

“Of the animals I’ve spoken to that have passed, they are never upset, angry or hold a grudge," said Vasconez, to the relief of anyone who has read Pet Sematary. She claimed that she communicated with a dead cat "who talked about being able to see, after not having sight while living." 

The ex-lawyer started her venture by practising on family and friend’s pets for free. But she said the business "exploded" when she started posting on social media and gained a large following. "It wasn't long before requests started pouring in," she said. “When I set up my TikTok account, I had to stop taking bookings because I was so inundated. The business just took off."

"I work so much more now as a pet psychic than I did as a lawyer but I love what I’m doing so it doesn’t feel like 'work' in the traditional sense," she told RollOnFriday. "If you follow your heart’s desires, beautiful things will happen!"

Vasconez acknowledged that she has received some negative comments: "I understand it can be confusing as we are raised to believe that interspecies communication isn't the norm. The criticism initially bothered me, but I no longer care."

A sample of clips by the most famous-lawyer-turned-pet-psychic (probably), can be seen here: 



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Hackaforte 10 June 22 08:44

"Hmmmm....yessss.....the veil is lifting.....Bonzo says that he wants you to sign up for the Premium Package of 24 bimonthly sessions, with added crystal healing."

Anonymous 10 June 22 09:18

Possibly the strangest TikTok crush that I have ever developed.

But the heart wants what the heart wants, so sign me up, 24 bimonthly sessions sounds like the very tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous 10 June 22 09:37

First question: is she wilfully exploiting (often vulnerable) people, or does she genuinely believe she has this ability?

Second question: which is worse?

Anon 10 June 22 09:47

It's universally known that cats are selfish pr*cks, so this part:

“Of the animals I’ve spoken to that have passed, they are never upset, angry or hold a grudge," 

simply cannot be true. Cats in the afterlife are bound to be bitter and p*ssed off about something. 


SecularJurist 10 June 22 14:53

Does she adopt the meow or bark of the particular pet?

As the departed dog, does she adopt the canine personality; sniffing the genitalia of the bereaved owner, then dash outside to eat a freshly-deposited turd from a passing pooch? As a cat, does she purr, rub herself against the owner's legs, play with a toy or ball of wool, ahhhh, so cute, then commence cleaning herself 'down there' (in a feat of human contortion)? Finally, she goes outside and spray-marks her territory? 

Anyway, it sounds like she's based in LA; there are probably almost as many pet psychologists as attorneys. She'll make a mint.


Anonymous 10 June 22 16:53

"As a cat, does she purr, rub herself against the owner's legs, play with a toy or ball of wool, ahhhh, so cute, then commence cleaning herself 'down there' (in a feat of human contortion)?"

Steady on... I'm going to need a cold shower if you carry on like that.

Agnus Booby 10 June 22 19:17

I wonder if she can contact my cat. She was called Irwin Mitchell, made lots of claims -  most unfounded - and ate factory-second custard creams. 

Jealous Lawyer 10 June 22 20:50

She’s literally flogging a dead horse and earning decent wedge for it. 

fair play

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