For ten years, Jon Rathbone was dumped on in his job as a corporate lawyer at Osborne Clarke. Now his self-designed potty - the Pourty - seems poised to take the world of baby toilet hardware by storm.

According to Rathbone, the removal of waste products, or "poo", from the standard potty can leave hands and surfaces soiled. The Pourty solves this problem with a "pouring duct" (patent pending). So a doting parent just has to pick up the filled Pourty (by the handle), carry it carefully to the WC and pour away said waste products through the spout. A quick rinse, and you're ready to go again. Check out the video here (and don't worry, the brown things are only prunes).

    Where there's muck there's brass

Rathbone packed in law early last year after his Eureka moment and set to work on a prototype and getting a patent. He is now reaping the rewards as his invention spreads across the globe. The potty - on sale since February - has received much favourable press and has even been featured on This Morning. Tesco is selling it, and it's found its way into some 60 independent retailers. His advice to bored lawyers is "get out there and do it. If you have a decent product, buyers are interested. You don't have to be on Dragons''s not as hard as people make out".

The Pourty costs £9.99. But if you can think of a suitable caption for the picture above, send it in here (including your name and address). The best will win a Pourty in fashionable purple. Ideal for small children, or really busy equity capital markets lawyers with just not enough time to leave their desks.
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