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The Crown Prosecution Service has demonstrated its keen eye for detail with a vacancy which tells candidates not to apply.

The CPS's 'Dumpy Advert' tempted applicants with a legal services position paying a minimum salary of £48k, then cruelly ordered them to go away.

dumpy ad cps

A source wondered if the beleaguered organisation in charge of upholding justice in the UK was "trying a new tactic". A CPS spokesperson said, “This was a dummy - not dumpy - advert which was published by mistake. Sorry!”

Its effort, which cannot be blamed on Keir Starmer, follows Clyde's perfect vacancy typo and Shoosmiths' contribution to the genre, which comprised several paragraphs stating, "blah blah blah blah".*

Elsewhere, a Canadian firm has posted the "worst job posting I've ever seen", according to one lawyer.

The ad opens, "Did you enjoy the films Wizard of Lies, the Laundromat, Boiler Room, Layer Caker, Molly's Game?" and then invites candidates to become a litigator at Morganti & Co.

The suggestion that new joiners will get to take instructions from clients who resemble the gangsters, hustlers, and drug dealers from films like Layer Cake is a tantalising one, which one lawyer translated as an offer of, "Do you want to work with a bunch of abominable douchebags?"

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"It's just like the movies I love...yey?"

*Shoosmiths post-publication correspondence with RollOnFriday is a precious and beautiful thing which we'll print if Putin's nukes start flying.

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Lord Sumption 25 February 22 09:42

I enjoyed some of those films! Not sure I'd want any of its characters as clients. Except Jessica Chastain. Ok and Vin Diesel. And Giovanni Ribisi. And Daniel Craig. And the Irish guy from Deep Space 9. Ok, Morganti, you win, where do I sign?

Anonymous 01 March 22 18:01

West End firms already have lots of Russian clients, they just don't know it because they haven't done the KYC properly or they accept a fictional "trust deed" which apparently shows some terrified patsy in Cyprus as the "beneficial owner".,Regulation%20Authority's%20%C2%A350%2C000%20costs.

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