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'Give in to your feelings - join Freshfields today!'

The Force is with Freshfields, which prematurely launched its new jobs portal this week to reveal an eye-catching array of roles - including vacancies for a Jedi and a Corsican pig farmer.

The site showed 261 new jobs at the Magic Circle firm, with the most desirable one calling for a devotee of the Jedi Order to work in the firm's Manchester office.

The Freshfields ad for a 'Jedi' informed candidates that they would need to "USE THE FORCE LUKE Luke, use the force...USE IT!!!!" It also established that the successful applicant would be required to “Just be a Jedi tonight".


Jobs going in the Paris office showed Freshfields expanding far beyond the conventional bounds of law firm hires, although they did raise questions about overall strategy. On Thursday there was a vacancy for a 'Professeur de Gym suedoise', which translates as 'Swedish Gym Instructor'.


Also required at the Paris office: an 'Eleveur cochons corse', otherwise known as a Corsican pig farmer.


Freshfields was even seeking an apprentice wizard for its Paris office. Interested parties were provided with a suitably magical description of the role: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".


There was even a call for a President:


In case a pig farmer, a wizard, the President and a fit Scandinavian didn't provide French staff with sufficient diversions, the firm was also recruiting for an entertainer, or 'Artiste'. The description, "blablabla blablabla", kept the remit wide.


In the UK, a vacancy for an 'Assistant Senior' informed interested parties that "This role is all about the bass, You know its all about the bass".


The Germans were more grounded, posting a vacancy for an Associate in Munich which described the job as: "Work WorkWorkWorkWorkWork".


At least the Manchester office put a cheerful spin on it, describing how a Legal Solutions Specialist would have to "Work Work Work, Gotta go to Work Work Work Working 9-5 what a way to make a living".

9 to 5

Only heroes needed to apply for Freshfields' Senior Associate position in Paris, which called for "Super intelligence", "Super sight", "fast reading" and a "Photographic memory".


Readers interested in applying for any of Freshfields’ brilliant jobs are, sadly, too late. RollOnFriday submitted an application to provide the firm with its Jedi, and within minutes the whole platform was taken offline. Freshfields declined to comment. We've got our fingers crossed, though.

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Anonymous 09 September 22 08:38

It’s no use, Darth.  If you strike me off, I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Old Fart 09 September 22 09:23

Impressive, most impressive

Old Fart 09 September 22 09:23

The (magic) circle is now complete

Uncle Ben 09 September 22 10:10

"These are not the new roles you are looking for"

Jamie Hamilton 09 September 22 10:16

Yes, Uncle Ben.

Anon 09 September 22 10:37

Deeply disappointing, this proof reading task, you have completed. Unsatisfactory, your seat grading may be.

Member 09 September 22 10:57

Salford, you will never find a more wretched hub of rain and misery.

Anonymous 09 September 22 11:00

This is one of RoF’s funnier efforts. 

And at least shows a sense of humour at FBD that I never suspected existed. 

Anonymous 09 September 22 11:14

A Salfordian writes.

Nor will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Darth Silliest 09 September 22 13:16

When I left you, I was but the NQ. Now I am the Corsican Pig Farmer.


Obi Wan 09 September 22 19:08

These are not the legal roles you're looking for.

a developer who works at FF 10 September 22 19:02

Just as they made all their testers redundant too :D

Anonymous 12 September 22 10:46

Freshfields 'declined to comment'

Come on Freshfields, lighten up a bit and make a bit of a joke of it. 

Anonymous 12 September 22 13:40

Apparently Edwin Coe is looking for a magician to turn their senior management into decent human beings. 

B.F. 12 September 22 14:17

Oddly enough I was coming back from Corsica on Saturday and there was a bloke with a Freshfields tote bag on the flight...

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