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She never mixed friend groups, they wouldn't get on.

The paralegal who funnelled information to criminal gangs has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Rachel Simpson was arrested in 2020 after information on mobile phones belonging to gang members brought South Wales Police's anti-corruption unit to her door.

The 39-year-old paralegal assistant admitted 30 counts of unauthorised access of computer systems between 2016 and 2020, harvesting information which she passed on to organised criminals on two occasions.

Simpson has been in prison since January when she pleaded guilty, after her application for bail so she could look after her teenage daughter was rejected.

Andrew Penhale, chief crown prosecutor, said, "As a CPS employee Rachel Simpson was in a position of trust and was only expected to access sensitive and confidential information when necessary for her job".

Whereas she not only "regularly accessed material when there was no business need", but gave it to the villains, which is frowned upon by her employer.

"The CPS expects all staff to act with integrity in handling data held in its systems and Simpson fell well below these standards", said Penhale, adding that, "We also constantly review our digital systems to ensure they are as secure as possible", including changing the password from CPS123 to a long one picked by his iPhone.

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C3PS 12 May 23 09:13

Jaysus. It's difficult enough to get witnesses to give evidence against serious criminals, with them worrying someone on the prosecution team is collaborating with the criminals.

Toby Greenlord, Freeman on the Land 12 May 23 12:53

And if the crims she contacted had better digital hygiene she wouldn't have got caught.

Nice to know we have such secure systems in place.

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