The High Court has issued a warrant for the arrest of Soophia Khan, the former chair of the Law Society Civil Justice Committee, after she failed to attend a hearing to answer allegations of contempt of court.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority intervened in August to shut down Khan's firm, Sophie Khan & Co, over allegations of dishonesty, but alleged that Khan failed to comply with court orders to produce files to the SRA, despite her claim that she had hand-delivered the documents.

Khan sought an adjournment of her contempt hearing this week by claiming that she needed "emergency elective surgery", which Mr Justice Fancourt said was "a contradiction in terms", reported the Law Society Gazette.

Having taken the view that Khan "will not voluntarily attend", Fancourt made the order to "have her arrested and brought to the court".

Khan's tenure as Chair of the Civil Justice Committee of the Law Society was marked by several public blow-outs.

In May 2018, the President of the Law Society suspended Khan, but she refused to accept his decision and said he did not have the power to remove her. Later that year, Khan claimed the Law Society ruined her chances of being elected to another position and accused the panel of being too white.  And when she was expelled by the Law Society in 2019, she said the Law Society had got it wrong, and that she would seek a Judicial Review. 

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Anonymous 26 November 21 10:05

Tim Fancourt was a no-nonsense silk at the top of his (and frankly above everyone else's) game at Falcon. I am delighted to see that he's not letting himself be softened by Judicial office. 

Anonymous 26 November 21 10:05

I'm still amazed that Trading Standards didn't come after her years ago for naming her gaff 'Sophie Khan & Co'.


Sophie Khan's up and down the country must be hopping mad at the blatant passing off.

Victimhood is not a currency 26 November 21 12:28

"Khan claimed the Law Society ruined her chances of being elected to another position and accused the panel of being too white" why do they always resort to using that card?

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