The Chair of the Law Society's Civil Justice Committee has accused the Law Society of spiking her chances of being elected to another position by leaking about her suspension.

Sophie Khan stood for election in May to become a member of the Civil Litigation Council. But just as the ballot boxes opened, it emerged that Law Society president Joe Egan had attempted to suspend her, months after she raised a discrimination complaint.

Emails seen by RollOnFriday revealed that after losing the election, Khan challenged the result on the basis that someone engaging in dark arts had leaked about Egangate to RollOnFriday. She told RollOnFriday, "my chances of being elected to the Council were fundamentally diminished" as a result of the story.
The Law Society appointed a three-person challenge committee to hear Khan's claims. But in contravention of Law Society bylaws, the trio of lawyers it selected was not made up of local Law Society Presidents. Khan flagged the error and the Law Society appointed a new three-person panel. However Khan objected to the new panel because it was all-white. In an email to the Law Society, she said it comprised "three white solicitors" who "are all from local law societies which are known for their lack of ethnic minority representation". The Law Society refused to budge. As a result, Khan, who also sits as a committee member of the Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division, decided not to pursue her challenge and it was dismissed.
  The Law Society plays musical Chairs. 

A Law Society spokesman said, “An election challenge was received for the Civil Litigation seat on Law Society Council. It was considered by a challenge committee and dismissed. Peter Causton has been confirmed in the seat". He added, "Whenever concerns are brought to our attention we work hard to ensure issues are handled in an appropriate way with due consideration for everyone concerned”.
He confirmed that Khan was suspended as chair of the Civil Justice Committee, a state of affairs which Khan continues to dispute. She told RollOnFriday, "That's their position. It's not my position, and it's not the committee's position". She said she may now take legal action against the Law Society.
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Anonymous 17 August 18 10:03

Pointless politics from a pointless organisation trying desperately to justify its existence

Anonymous 17 August 18 10:34

Strange that one. I was not aware of that and voted for the candidate with whom I considered was best. It was not Ms Khan.

Anonymous 17 August 18 11:40

"I was not aware of that and voted for the candidate with whom I considered was best."

Is this an attempt to speak and write good?

Anonymous 17 August 18 12:28

Seriously, what is the point of the Law Society?

It's embarrassing that proper firms have to be overseen by a bunch of busy bodies, whose professional experience is largely limited to chasing ambulances / sorting quickie divorces for Pig & Whistle LLP (actually, probably Pig & Whistle Limited trading as Pig & Whistle Law) in Brexit heartlands.

The former President is such an impressive solicitor that his firm isn't even profitable enough to pay trainees the recommended minimum salary.

Anonymous 17 August 18 13:15

Rupert Jones (City of London) Karl Dembicki (Cambridge); Denise Head (Suffolk) Presumably she wanted to choose her tribunal - because that would be fair wouldn’t it?

Anonymous 17 August 18 14:35

About 82% of people in the UK are white so I don't think it is unreasonable that we might end up with an all white panel for things. We could try always to go for the 82% white for things including entry to the profession I suppose but it could end up being a bit unfair on all sides.

Anonymous 17 August 18 17:34

All three are partners - one a woman, I know that the president of Cambridge is openly gay, and one a partner at a leading London law firm. Would’ve though that committee, whilst being white, was pretty diverse!

Anonymous 17 August 18 17:37

'@Annon 11:28 - sure, certainly experience in getting a team of overseas lawyers to provide an opinion on the good standing of a random Bahamas entity in a small part of a very large loan deal that no one individual fully understands is a better experience for informing how to regulate the legal profession. Many city lawyers struggle to find both buttocks without third-party spelling out exactly how it's done.

High street law is real law affecting real people. City law is mostly performative buck-passing between golf and grouse shooting.

Anonymous 19 August 18 13:51

The first leak was almost certainly from the same person as this one. Neither are the law society.

fucking bonkers.

Anonymous 21 August 18 10:25

So that means an all white panel is regarded as being naturally biased (any evidence?) - rather racist view if you ask me.

Anonymous 21 August 18 22:31

The only thing I get from the Law Soc are adverts from Hiscox which they punt out to prop up their salaries...

Anonymous 06 September 18 18:04

In my first job almost 30 years ago, my boss told me that Egan was such a bloody awful solicitor that he had the palm tree and sunset combo on his letterhead to make people think he was a travel agent, just so they'd go in and see him.

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