A firm has denied that a plumber asked for compensation after one of its staff inadvertently urinated on him.

The plumber was on a job at Holborn firm Teacher Stern, presumably fixing the urinals. An insider tells RollOnFriday that a number of signs were posted in the loos making it clear that they were closed. But they were ignored by an unknown member of staff who accidentally manged to relieve himself on the unfortunate workman.
A source said the plumber complained to a partner about the surprise golden shower and asked for compensation, but was rebuffed.
However a spokesman for Teacher Stern denied that the plumber asked for a pay-off.
    "I'm fine with this!"
"We contacted the plumber in question", said the spokesman, "who confirmed to us that he never asked for (or even spoke to anyone about) compensation for any incident. He was extremely shocked to hear this and said he would never do such a thing".
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Anonymous 07 September 18 09:18

no wonder he didn't complain. Failed to fix the leak, evidently.

(I'll get my coat.)

Anonymous 07 September 18 09:33

Not the first time the partners have rebuffed a request for cash from those pissed on from a great height

Anonymous 07 September 18 10:25

Elderly female she-wee incident has been suggested

Anonymous 07 September 18 10:28

Looks like Teacher Stern can’t organise a pissup in a lawfirm

Anonymous 07 September 18 10:36

Most employees of Teacher Stern feel like the plumber everyday

Anonymous 07 September 18 11:13

George didn't do it

Anonymous 07 September 18 11:47

Looks like they have a problem with staff missing their targets

Anonymous 07 September 18 12:34

When (presumably) a lawyer uses everyday instead of every day you know that the coca cola marketing department has successfully changed the English language.

Anonymous 10 September 18 15:12

Why did the mermaid laugh? Because the seaweed.

Anonymous 10 September 18 15:13

Because the sea-wee'd...like a shit plumbing pissy golden shower? I get it. Lol.

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