Shoosmiths has banned female staff from using their loos after skidmarks on the porcelain disgusted clients.

Female staff were repeatedly warned that the loos they shared with clients on the ninth floor of the firm’s Leeds office were being left in an unacceptable state. Problems included "faeces stains being left in the bowl and bits of stray tissue not being picked up". 

Last week, all the ninth floor staff were called into a meeting and the women were told they could no longer use their loos. Instead, they now have to check out with their ID, tramp up to the 10th floor and check in again to do their business.


"It's the pooligans from the ninth floor! Urgh! SHAME"

Despite the men’s loos on the ninth floor allegedly suffering similar abuse, men have not been subjected to the humiliation of toilet exile. Instead they were told their situation would be "monitored". 

The decision to ban only women has upset some staff. "They feel embarrassed and discriminated against", said a source, given that "men are allowed to carry on using their toilets unchallenged".

Staff at the meeting were told that communications concerning the lavatory situation were being made in person to "avoid anything appearing in RollOnFriday". A poor plan for a couple of reasons, but particularly because the Leeds head of office didn’t stick to it and sent out an email headed "Toilet issues..."

poosmiths email

Shoosmiths declined to comment.

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ShootyMcShootyface 05 April 19 09:17

So... that would make the person who leaked the email to you a "stool pidgeon"?

Anonymous 05 April 19 09:26

Was this change actually due to the state the toilets were being left in? And if so, were the womens' toilets left in a worse state than the mens'?

Anonymous 05 April 19 09:43

I'm calling BS on this one...

Anonymous 05 April 19 10:08

Which is why at my firm they have wisely separated the toilets so lawyers less likely to use client ones. Judging by the state of the lawyer toilets sometimes, this is a very good thing - spare a thought for the next person or if you hate your colleagues, at least the poor cleaner!

Anonymous 05 April 19 10:31

It could be the female clients taking a shit.... ?  probably just had a big scary bill?

Take Only Memories, Leave Only Skid Marks.

Dearie 05 April 19 10:44

I had to check the date on the email that it wasn't 1st April.... 

Shetsmiths 05 April 19 11:33

Firm by name, firm by nature. So bad

Anonymous 05 April 19 11:44

Can I be the turd person to write Poosmiths?

Anonymous 05 April 19 13:17

Poo-pee do people, poo-pee do-pee poo-pee do. 

Anonymous 05 April 19 13:28

What was the point of redacting Matthew Howarth's name at the end of his email but not at the top of the email? Attention to detail, RoF...

Anonymous 05 April 19 13:31

This is clearly a smear(ed) campaign

Big girls 06 April 19 08:28

There are some big girls at shooies with big bottoms.  As a rule of thumb, big bottom = big pooer.  I am in no way surprised that there has been a ban.  The traps were under serious pressure.

something had to give.

anonymous44 07 April 19 22:12

This is bad, but the person who made the big girls comment and thinks it's ok to fat shame women is obviously the real s**t stain here!

Anonymous 08 April 19 14:50

How do they know it wasn't the female clients pooing in them?  Much more likely to be the case given you would know nobody would ever know it was you....

Anon 09 April 19 15:27

I've never understood how a profession so interested in personal image has such a problem using toilets. Leaving them in an acceptable state is not rocket science... Is the logic something like: "No shame in leaving that stinker, so long as no one knows it was me". Hope the same doesn't apply to files.  

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