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TikTok - more law firm CEOs should get involved

A law firm CEO has posted a TikTok video about setting up her business after she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Penina Shepherd, the founder of Acumen Business Law in Hove, was looking to start her own firm when she was diagnosed with a "rare and aggressive" cancer. She was also pregnant with her third child, and the recession of 2007 was kicking in.

"Let's not allow all the doom and gloom" to "get to us", Shepherd said in a LinkedIn post to her followers attaching the video. "We're more resilient than we realise and it's all part of the journey."

The CEO, who was previously a partner at Healys Solicitors posted her rap with the backing track of Nicki Minaj / MC Hammer / Rick James (depending on your cultural reference) as she rhymed about her decision to go it alone:

"In a male-centric industry it wasn't to be easy,
In a fuddy-duddy sector being different made them queasy."

The melodic tale continued: 

"'Bring it on' I said, and decided to proceed,
But the doctor then confirmed I am to be deceased,
'I'm afraid you have cancer', the doctor then said,
'It's rare and aggressive and survival rate is bad'."

Spitting bars, Shepherd added:

"Third baby came in a C-section,
And I was back on track, ready for action."

And her freestyling concluded on a cheery note about her law firm:

"Top 50 law firm, the Financial Times declared,
The next rising star, the Observer confirmed."

The video has gone down well with MC Shepherd's followers on LinkedIn:

Post 01

Post 02

Post 03

Post 04

Shepherd told RollOnFriday that the inspiration for doing the video, was the TikTok trend of 'One thing about me' which is a light-hearted way of sharing a personal story. 

"The trigger was the growing fear in the business community due to the current economic climate and I wanted to send out a positive message that it is still possible to get through a recession (and worse) as a business," said Shepherd, adding that she "was hopeful it would send a positive message and bring a smile to people’s faces". 

When asked about her rapping skills, Shepherd said: "I’m flattered you called it a rap, not sure Lil Nas X would concur…I certainly do not have any plans to release more singing videos (did you hear it?! I’m definitely keeping the day job…), although a call from Simon Cowell could change everything."

And proving that rappers are often shrewd business people too, she also managed a quick plug: "I normally deliver this message through serious mediums such as public speaking and my book The Freedom Revolution, but this was a quick and refreshing way of doing it."

Big shout out to MC Shepherd for keeping it real - her video can be seen here:

If you've seen any lawyers singing on social media, do get in touch. For an old skool reminisce, before the days of TikTok, check out this rapping blast from the past.

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Dunc 11 November 22 16:31

She had to include a line attacking men, as if an industry being male-centric is automatically a bad thing…

Anonymous 11 November 22 16:43

Smacks of narcissistic personality disorder. Who in the MC Hammer puts so much time and thought into such a cr#p rap? 

Anonymous 11 November 22 17:24

Lighten up @Anonymous 16:43! It looks like she was just having a bit of fun. Maybe you should try that?

Anonymous 12 November 22 10:07

This is so cringeworthy. She has built her own practice, despite illness, with hard work, not because she “believed”. This seems the standard suggesting to overcoming problems.

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