Characters in this song bear no relation to actual employers or colleagues living or dead.

Eurovision may have left the country, but the spirit of risqué pop lives on - at RPC, unexpectedly. 

This week a digital marketing specialist at the firm won a clutch of awards for her latest single, which pushes the boundaries of ‘songs Radio 1 might play’ by taking a wry look at a plane crash.

RollOnFriday has tracked the progress of the multi-talented Maya Whatton since she released her debut single, tiptoe, in 2021. 

Whatton, who releases music under the moniker Maya Yenn, won an award last year for the scifi-inspired music video accompanying her sophomore effort, How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?

Now she’s done it again, winning Best Music Video at the British Independent Film Awards as well as its Rising Star award.

In Better Luck Next Time, Whatton takes the role of an airline passenger who orders a whiskey sour when “business class split in half” and who carries on working even after leaving “half my leg behind” as the engines ignite and he plunges into the Atlantic.

“I wrote ‘Better Luck Next Time’ from the perspective of a young man who has prioritised his career above everything else, so much so, he’s still trying to get a report out while his plane is going down” she said.

"The song and music video are a satirical look at hustle-culture and the impact on the environment".

But, she told ROF, it wasn't drawn from personal experience: "I am fortunate that my experience at RPC stands in stark contrast to the experience of the 'Businessman' in the song and video. I am very lucky to be a part of a firm that wholeheartedly champions my creativity, both within and outside of work. It's a rare privilege to have such a nurturing and inclusive environment that values and celebrates individuality".

Although lines such as "Guess I’m the fall guy when my skin is set alight” might hamper the song’s addition to commercial radio playlists, they've not been a bar to awards glory.

“It's truly mindlblowing to receive this level of recognition, especially considering I don't have a label, a big team, or substantial funding", said Whatton, who also writes and directs her work. "Just goes to show you don't need a massive budget, cutting-edge equipment or even a lot of free time to create”.

Take off:

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Lawyers Guns & Money 19 May 23 09:57

We need a return to sideways lyrics about life, not just love. But I miss Warren Zevon, so.

Too Old 20 May 23 21:39

I don’t understand Gen Z music.

It all seems to be a computerised, bored sounding monotone over a beat.

When did sounding like you’re actually trying to sing become uncool?

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