A few weeks ago RoF wrote a piece on Phil Dzwonkiewicz. Wiggin's London office manager had won the crown of Mr Gay UK and was using the platform to promote awareness of living with HIV. A short film documenting his journey has just been shot, and he invited me to the opening night at BAFTA last week.

Me, Phil and John Bannister of Wiggin. A rose between two thorns.


It’s full of interesting things. I knew that if HIV is diagnosed early enough, with the right medication a patient can expect to live a completely full life for as long as he or she would have were they HIV negative. But I didn’t know that if the viral load is reduced to an undetectable level then they can’t transmit the virus to their partner. Check it out here.



PG-J 11 January 19 12:39

Unfortunately this is often the case, mostly in the heterosexual world that they simply do not know the in's and out's of the reality of living with or potentially contracting HIV, today. 
Even a lot of people in the LGBT world still believe it is the same outcome as contracting the virus in the 80's.

With the advent of PrEp this is changing. 

Even straight men & women should be on PrEp, more men are sleeping with men regardless of how they identify, ignorant straight men sleeping with other men unprotected are therefore becoming a risk to straight women.

PrEp is the best chance of eliminating HIV once and for all.