Lockdown hasn't been a smooth experience for everyone in the legal profession. One lawyer has been framed for hosting an illegal lockdown party, another has had to fake a work schedule to his wife, while others have struggled to pick suitable attire for Zoom calls (or get changed at all).

Getting a proper haircut has been a problem for those who are image-conscious; thankfully a large number of lawyers remain unaffected: 

Glam pic haircut

Creating an office at home can also be a challenge. Professionals from various businesses have been sharing images of their new work spaces online. The following should serve to document the lockdown for future generations to see: 

wfh bog

WFH iron

Many furloughed or WFH staff across the nation have been using their spare time to create postmodern masterpieces:

AC e

O Tempora, o mores!

Pandemic life coaches have also emerged to provide motivational missives, although many home-schooling parents with jobs have failed to conjure up time to be creative, learn new skills or make their own sourdough bread.

RollOnFriday would like to capture a snapshot of the legal community in lockdown. Please send in your photos or videos - whether its a comedy haircut, a novel design for a WFH office or if you've discovered your artistic side by creating a mosaic floor entirely out of smarties.   

A winner for the best picture or video will be sent a RollOnFriday survival pack - probably consisting of gin, a pointy sticky and a Steven Seagal DVD, all of which may arrive well after the lockdown ends. The worst picture or video will also be awarded a prize of equally limited value. 

If you’d prefer, you can keep your entry anonymous.

Send in your lockdown pics and videos here