Would you pay a grand for this?

yes if i had the money

puck and ducasse? that’s a once in a lifetime evening

you can’t take it with you

god the tedium of the "BUT COSTY LIVS CRISIS" of teh graun article. Not everyone is struggling for peas. Get over it. Twas always thus and always will be - generous givers can still fork out for their own luxuries, it doesn't make them evil. We don't all need to wear hair shirts


(what *would* you spend a grand for a ticket on?)

Found the "if you voluntarily pay another £370 for add-ons and services, it will cost nearly as much as another fixed price meal once cost" angle a bit unnecessary.

I wouldn't pay to eat it in a banquet with a bunch of khunts taking a million photos for Instagram to be honest, which I very strongly suspect it what this will be and besides as I get older I just don't really enjoy the whole Michelin star style of cooking to be honest. I don't think it's inherently obscene or anything though.