Working for a big 4 legal team

Offering legal services to accountancy/consulting clients etc, process improvements over the law firm model etc and so on.

Is any of it true? What is it actually like working for one of these shops?

When the current crop started they were dismissed as the second coming of Anderson Legal or whatever they were called, but the new lot all still seem to be there, albeit I don't know anyone who works for them or what they actually do.


Very busy at United at the moment, presuming you do criminal, commercial or M&A. Not much real estate or construction happening.

Arsenal very busy with Rwanda and human rights issues. That will need a lawyer. 


Its like being in house. Nice culture (v law firms, which may not be saying much tbh).

Make sure you go in at the right price point as they dont have a meaningful lock step just lots of paperwork and bullshit

The real sell is the opportunity of the platform. They are vast so theres all sorts of opportunities to leverage that and become THE guy on shitcoin ESG governance or whatever.

Yeah I would have thought the brand and access to potential clients is probably better than even the magic circle 

Heh at 60 year old paralegals not wanting to join - don't worry sun, you stick to the basement 

Huge platform but a load of clients for whom you cannot really provide any meaningful legal services as they are the firm’s audit client. 

Plus, they still do time recording.  

Plus, they have a very wide pyramid so one partner for loads of lawyers. You need a massive practice to make partner. 

But decent pay so good alternative to working in the regions for middling and unambiguous lawyers. 

I know someone who is fairly senior in a big 4 legal team. Based on their experience:

- hours are shit, definitely not like in-house, they worked harder than I do in private practice. It might be speciality specific or depend on how ambitious you are of course. 

- cross-selling opportunities were great and that's how they built their career, leveraging legal knowledge with consultancy. However, they find the restrictions and bureaucracy around audit clients hugely frustrating and stifling for their business. 

- the book of business/business case that you need to make director, let alone partner, seems to be far larger than in an equivalently paying city firm (like 2-3 times as much).