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I’m getting some britpop on and heading down to the park in Chiswick, with my Close Brothers. branded umbrella

I remember staying up all night in a friends' room at college and we were all devastated.  apart from a young lady who turned out to be a labour supporter.


anyway, she's now the headmistress of a well known girls public school so suspect she won't be cheering on Keir this time.


Sorry Professor Brian Cox, we've cancelled the recording of the next episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage, you've a more important task to perform in the next 6 weeks.  You know what you have to do.

Weirdly I can’t actually remember election night in 1997.  I can remember going out campaigning in the holidays just before but can’t remember the night itself at all. I must have been at college. 

I stayed up all night to watch it with the only one of my mates who gave a fvck, a guy who in those days was classic new labour posh boy; no longer in touch with him but he is director of a rural surveying firm now

I remember 1997 election night quite well considering how pissed I was.  In particular in the early hours of 2nd May, mr pithecanthropus (formerly of this parish) and I bursting into my housemate's room (who had probably cried himself to sleep by then) and singing The Red Flag over and over.

I was in McCleod Ganj, Himalachal Pradesh, India, at the time. The internet was not a thing in Himalchal Pradesh then, and I did not have my World Service Radio anymore, having given it to a Chelsea fan who was serving time in Kathmandu jail for dope smuggling, so he could listen to the FA Cup Final. This meant that we had no live news but had to wait until the morning edition of the Times of India had reached the nearest news-stand, which was about 30 minutes walk away.

I distinctly remember the sense of expectation on the walk down to the news-stand, the surprise at the size of the Labour majority, and writing "Michael Portillo is a khunt" on a spliff, which I then smoked celebratorily...

I am sure it confounds you that I was pleased Labour won in 1997 - but I was - the Major government was out of ideas and morally bankrupt and a change was required.

Portillo is a gr8 chap, although I can see that his brand of Conservatism (especially at the nadir of his party's fortunes) would be of limited appeal to hippie drop-outs in India. 

I was doing my TC and was sent home the following morning by a kindly partner who suggested i had been up all night celebrating and it would be best if i took the day off and went home to sleep it off.

“Remember how Labour pretended that they were normal voters in Downing Street, later exposed as all being handpicked Labour Party members”

sounds like the kind of sensible and prudent political campaigning that somehow eludes the tories time and again

There is no cultural revolution this time though because Gem Z are all fooking wet.

When you compare to the scene in 1964 and 1994 this year is a very damp squib.

Not sure mate.

Where are all the musicians and artists? Where are all the beautiful young people taking up space in the news with their zany antics and falling in and out of nightclubs and love?

They're all at home at their mum and dad's house scared to phone people up and hiding on zoom calls.


Even the football is shite and uninspiring this year.

I knew the Tories had to go but couldn't quite bring myself to vote Labour. In the end I didn't vote.  Anyway I do think SKS will get a megamadge but I don't sense the national feeling of hope and renewal that was in the air in 1997.  Meh, I'll settle for a bit of honesty and basic bloody competence instead of the current shower of total sh1te. 

Blue Iguana23 July 24 22:21


I knew the Tories had to go but couldn't quite bring myself to vote Labour. In the end I didn't vote.

You're rofing from the future! 

No, it is different. John Major was a tit but he was committed to the country and hung around long enough to rehab himself. Work Experience has no such loyalty, he thinks he’s done the country a favour by ‘going into politics’. He’s a c unting millennial ‘citizen of the world’ ffs. He should be stripped of his passport and deported. 

Also worth noting that if this really as momentous as 97 we end up with a Tory government.

Starmer needs a bigger swing than Blair managed in 97 to get even a 1 seat majority. 

He has to do better than any Labour leader has ever done.

“Remember staying up all night in a friends' room at college and we were all devastated.  apart from a young lady who turned out to be a labour supporter” .

It is harder to imagine a more insufferable group of students than a gathering to cheer on major over Blair in 1997 - presume your number must have included Jacob Rees Mogg?