Why is the press calling this a “snap” election?

It isn’t really is it

Could it be a very clever allusion to the Latin for bundle of wooden rods around an axe - fascis - which gave us fascist, being the undertone of the governing party?

Surely the press is that intelligent?

Mainly because the Tories don't seem to have candidates for half the seats 

So they aren't prepared 

He's absolutely cucked himself 

Isn't this possibly more an issue for Labour than for the Tories?  The Tories are not going to win any seats - and don't need to do so in order to retain a majority. So the only seats they need candidates for are seats they hold where the sitting MP is not running again. Of course, there are quite a few of those.  However, Labour need candidates for all the 100 odd seats that they need to gain in order to get a majority.  

Perhaps Labour are way ahead of the Tories in terms of candidate selection and have already lined up candidates for all their target seats - TBH they probably should have done so at this stage. However, it's not obvious to me that it's really a problem at all for the Tories that they haven't selected a candidate for some  Labour held seat in the Welsh valleys or south Yorkshire that they would never bother with in any case.

Isn't this possibly more an issue for Labour than for the Tories? 

Ooh this should be good.

However, Labour need candidates for all the 100 odd seats

Oh, he is just ignorant of the facts. 

Don't get hung up on thumbs Chinorder. You can get a dozen upvotes for posting a picture of a lettuce at a lectern and bugger all for a well crafted, multi-layered joke. 

Poor Royalty, always that little bit too slow.

Interesting story here: https://labourlist.org/2024/05/labour-party-candidate-selections-genera…

Labour has approximately 100 general election candidates left to publicly announce, LabourList can reveal, despite the party twice accelerating its selection process.

The fact around one in six Constituency Labour Parties has no candidate, dozens more have only been recently announced and some CLPs have felt left in the dark have all sparked controversy.

The article says that Labour have candidates for all their battle ground seats.

 The ones they don’t yet have candidates for are some of the seats that even in this coming landslide they dont think they can win and a relatively small number of very safe seats where the incumbent is standing down and they will parachute in someone from the central list at the last minute.  I am not a huge fan of the parachute approach but it is a reality of modern politics and doing it last minute makes tactical sense in managing the relevant CLP. 

The issue the Tories have is that a LOT of their current MP rats are leaving the sinking ship and they haven’t yet lined up replacement rodents to fight even in seats they must hope to win if they want to avoid annihilation.