which is your fave EU law case and why?

part of a series of EU homages (it can be a case which proves the iniquity of EU law if you prefer)

Factortame, for the reasons Lord Pannick so eloquently expressed:


"the most significant decision of United Kingdom courts on EU law ... brought home to lawyers, politicians and the public in this jurisdiction that EU law really did have supremacy over acts of parliament” 

I love Lord Hoffman's speech in West Tankers re anti-suit injunctions where he railed against principles of comity with European courts and basically which meant that litigants could get Italian torpedoed.

I liked the one that said that wine with added pepper and salt was still wine for excise purposes. A realistic approach to what people will do to avoid tax.

Also, the current Opinion by Ad-Gen Hogan which says that 'a place' means something bigger than a breadbox but smaller than a country.

I can;t take any credit, clergs, those are all Baron Pannick's words!

mmm Yes I love Factortame too, when our fishing industry was finally  killed off and fish stocks were forever ruined by EU trawlers. 

Wibble: "it can be a case which proves the iniquity of EU law if you prefer"

Not at all. As a legal case it's important and powerful. 

The effects were just very sad. 


the Spanish Strawberries case is making me LOL right now

I think my fave has to be cassis de dijon.  literally no1 outside dijon could have given a toss

Who are you oddballs with talk of ‘favourite cases’?

Cases are very much to be avoided by a gentleman and if any degree of acquaintance with one is absolutely required then this should be dealt with by means of the shortest  possible briefing note prepared by a trainee.

Cassis de Dijon. It makes a decent mixer or nip from a hip flask. No idea about the legal bits

strutter did her degree before EU law existed.  yugoslavia did, and african countries were still ned for his heroes

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Of course I did. As I recall, the song in question was more about preference than names...

Do you reckon that's pronounced Van Chhhend en Looks? 

The pronunciation is one of the worst things about EU law.

Is it Hummblott or Oomblow?

Wang can you get your trainee to proofread your posts, they’re getting harder to understand the more arthritic your fingers become.

Heh @ Tam


ps Good thread Clergs. Is VAT sufficiently EU law to count, as if so I'll go for the Jaffa Cake case.

They might be short but they are so dry as to be almost unreadable.  You have to read the press summary to figure out wtf they are on about. 

Mcvities was a lowly vat tribunal case

I toyed with allowing it since vat is an EU creation but no