Titanic global statesmen meet for a natter

The sooner these two are back in power the sooner the world's ills will be closer to being solved.


Boris Johnson: Former PM meets Donald Trump to discuss Ukraine - BBC News

When Mr Johnson became prime minister, Mr Trump described him as "a good man", adding: "They call him Britain Trump."

Its the last paragraph of that article and all you need to know. 

Boris has never been loyal to anyone and if he thought fûcking Ukraine would get him back in power then he'd brandish the biggest studded russian dildo he could muster. 

Trump sees Boris as he sees the chap who pushes the buttons in his big gold lift at trump tower. 

You mentioned statesmen in the title of your post, then went off on a tangent about a pair of fat bigoted, charlatan, gammony  khunts.


Titanic (n): massively overpromoted in advance of maiden voyage, achieves early success with media and populace, leading to inflated sense of invulnerability and popularity, before it all comes crashing down (with polls underwater) once the hubris is seen to be wafer-thin and unable to withstand certain hard truths, while taking many key backers and innocents alike with it to the depths. Rats may (or may not) have left in advance.