A thread for the veneration of...

...Belinda Carlisle


*rubs thighs Vic Reeve's style*

I assume you've heard the story about The Go Go's taking pictures of their front bottoms and getting the roadies to work out whose was whose?

Oh man, an 11 year old zero who was otherwise quite into music due to older brothers and location was massively massively into Belinda Carlisle. 

And Kim Wilde (early 90s version) as it goes. 

Fun Go Gos fact - Joan of Arc In Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure played rhythm guitar in the band.

I have a couple of her finest works in my power ballads playlist.

A bit of a junkie at times, but a good singer. Married into a wealthy family.

All well and good chambo, but what about Ms Carlisle?

As we are on the topic may I remind my colleagues of susannah hoffs out of off of the bangles.

Is it me or is there more than a touch of miss hoffs about our own miss bailey of counsel?

She’s now 60 and living in Bangkok.

 Heh x 1 for Zero G