A thread on ADHD

mostly just for discussion but i’ll kick it off with some scott alexander

primer on different types of amphetamine (note: ritalin isn’t an amphetamine):


comment on a 2022 study on ritalin in the usa:


lots of the literature is american-based so for reference the nhs recommends treatment for adhd with methylphenidate (marketed in the us as ritalin), lisdexamfetamine (marketed as vyvanse), dexamfetamine (dexedrine) and atomoxetine (strattera)

american healthcare is bananas

(and if we could all do our best to swerve this turning into a trans thread, it would be appreciated!)

Ritalin is nasty stuff imo. It's presented as lighter than the amphetamines but I don't actually think it is.

Sucker, I think a better perspective is that people, girls in particular, are chronically under diagnosed as children which naturally means there is a more significant number of diagnoses when those children are adults.

An absolutely terrible advert for private health there amitheputinfluffer. Glad to have you onboard at last. 

Interesting, I've actually got some thoughts on th.........................'LET'S GO RIDE BIKES!!'