Posh behaviour

1. Everything on the chavvy behaviour thread. 

Poshos and chavs love the same things e.g. Big polluting cars, plastic surgery, taking pictures on mobile phones and posting them on instagram, being drunk and disorderly in public.

Poshos and chavs have not been taken over by the bland bullshit of the bourgeoisie e.g. Political correctness, dull chat about ISAs and job progression, dumpy bodies farting into suits at their desks all day long (male and female alike). 

You know where the roferati fit into this.

None of my friends have had plastic surgery and I the vast majority aren't on Instagram so think you're wrong there.  Also we're normally D&D in a marquee in the middle of a field well away from any prying eyes.

C’mon who isn’t an avid follower of the Duke of Rutland’s trout pout selfies on his Instagram account?

To be fair to Hot Now, he describes Viscountess Weymouth to a tee.  I think that she is SO AWFUL and fairly chavvy.

Is that the Viscountess who hangs around with Made in Chelsea’s Mark Francis...?


Saillaw get back to me in 15 yrs. if your friends haven't had work done then you aint posh. Walking around Chelsea it's like they are a new race, stretched eyes and rasped noses. 

Big difference between posh is and chavs is that rich women are always thin and usually vice versa. Likewise posh men are rotund and chav men wiry.

looking at Instagram accounts of royalty should be subject to a fine

I remember a lady from Palm Beach telling me how she admired the British for simply growing old gracefully without having to retreat from society for six weeks every winter to recover from your latest facelift.

just because I point out that following royalty online - or at all - is a bit daft?

this is not posh behaviour

it's poshos behaving like chavs

upper and working classes have always had lots in common with each other - see also horse racing; and not really giving a shit about education

that's true guy but less and less so. it used to be because the upper classes could afford not to care and because the working classes had nothing to lose. pearl clutchers in the middle. bit more complicated now.

I also love racing and don't give a monkey's about education. Does that make me upper, working or "lower middle" as the chippy chap from Norfolk says? Does anybody care? 

don't know 3ducks but (as if we didn't already know) not giving a monkey's about education shows (rather than makes) that you're thick

I fink there might be more than one answer to all this.