Pavement cyclists

What is to be done about this? They basically have impunity. I mean apart from shoving them off into the road which I feel would be appropriate but likely to be treated more harshly than the deaths they are likely to cause.

I absolutely loathe these cnuts, particularly the ones that the ring their bells at you.  I think that most of the ones on the Boris bikes near me are Europeans on hols and don't realise that it's illegal.

I wish that I could perform a citizen's arrest.

Another verdict of death by hammers from me.

Next case!

You just stand in their way. If they hit you it's murder.

TBH this is somewhat confused by shared spaces e.g. the path up to the Waterloo side entrance is for bikes and pedestrians, but you often get angriest man on twitter scowling at you for asking him to make a bit of room to get a bike past. 

you hardly ever see people cycling on pavements in London unless they are "shared space" (in which case it's legal)

faod, shared space is a stupid idea

Shared space is a cheap idea though, hence why they all go in for it. Used to be a dedicated bike lane with road markings beside A&O, but now they have all the "I'm A Wanker" food vans there it's a "shared space", so a 1/3 of the space is now taking up by "Beardy Twat Wraps" and other vendors, and the rest is people stuffing their face so you have to inch past at 2mph (though that bloke at London Bridge would probably go at 20 and sound his air horn and then hope RoF's Tort Nutshells brigade would defend him). 

I stood in the last guys way and he swerved around shouting "crazy bitch!" They are 90% forrins 10% arseholes.

That moustachioed lord from the TV has a thing about them maybe we should start a movement.