Name my sourdough - vote now

Ok, folks.  apply your bits to the screen and cross all your private parts that my Mk V sourdough starter works.  So far we've had Mk I (Hermann), which was perfect, Mks II and III (Helga and Henry) just didn't work (used the wrong flour and yoghurt in the starter, I reckon).  Mk IV (named Heinrich), we ate last night and he was ok but hadn't quite risen enough.


I have high hopes for Mk V, however (daughter of Heinrich), which you get to name.  Vote now for one of the following:


1.  Hedwig
2.  Hildegard
3.  Hjordis
4.  Halifrid
5.  Heidi (the sausage)
6.  Hildegarde
7.  Hermentrude
8.  Humberta


Voting closes at 2.00, so do it now, or forever hold your piece.

It has to be Germanic, start with an H and be one of the options mentioned above, Clergs.  Those not observing these rules will be beaten to death with hot tent pegs.

That's better.  But it's still a red hot tent peg up the jacksie for you.

Oh dear - I get the feeling I'm going to be running out of tent pegs (and propane) soon.

Only three tablespoonsful (plain, live yoghurt).  Needs something to get it bubbling in the absence yeast, innit?

no you don't

water and rye flour 

captures the wild yeast and creates the bubbles itself

Ah - the recipe I used called for strong bread flour and yoghurt/milk.


You may have gathered that this is new territory for me.

Results are in.  Between here and the other place, it's a tie between Hedwig and Hefe mcHefgesicht.  So I'm calling it for Hedwig.

You cunts.

Yeah, but I have a lovely Dutch friend called Hedwig. So she'll be honoured to know I named a large batch of - essentially - thrush after her.

My wife and I are taking ours to the gulf this year.

Sourdough Arabia?

No she went of her own accord.

Hmm. Needs work.

My dough has no nose!

How does it smell??!


No. Just no.