Living in hot countries

Whenever we get a heatwave I am reminded how shyte it is to live and work somewhere hot (rather than just holiday there).   We will only have this for a couple of days and then it will be nice and cool again.

Yes not being able to plan outdoors activities with any certainty can be a pain, but wouldn't swap the British Summer for a hotter one (I would swap our fucking late autumn winter and early spring though)

I would swap most of our grim mizzen for months more sunshine. Doesn’t have to be scorchio, just not dull cloudy sullen wrist slash time. 

Bermuda was the best climate I lived in. Lovely mild/warm not hot from October to June, and about 3-4 months of nice summer that never went about 30.

yes totes - clear blue skies and 22C ideal (although I do like being able to sit out in the evenings)

Dubai 41C with 99% humidity for 4 months is actual hell on earth. 


Can confirm, commuting in a suit and tie in 40 degrees plus sucks donkey balls.

  • Dry heat is fine.
  • There is a/c everywhere. 
  • Agreed on humid heat. 
  • But UK weather is shit and no one can argue with that. 
  • Here is better overall. 
  • Light quality especially keeps people happy. 

I think many people could argue that the UK has a better climate than a desert.

U.K. weather is fine most of the year. I like the changing seasons, it’s one of the things I love most about living here.

not January or February though. They can fuck off. 

Tbh Wibble I lived in DXB for a few years and found the temp : climate ok. Could wear shorts and t shirt all the time and for the 2 months it went top 40s most places had AC.

  • Changing seasons?
  • You mean rain-rain-rain-rain I think. 

I adore English summer, never go away.

hols abroad in Oct/Jan/March only.

Isn't Hyoobert's point that there is a/c absolutely everywhere in most hot places that you'd choose to live the main one?

It's fucking grim in the UK because the 3 or 4 days a year it's very hot doesn't justify us installing a/c in our houses (although I am tempted to be honest to actually remember to get some put in this winter)

Used to play golf in the summer in the UAE. Hard work but you adapt. Worth the short term discomfort for 9 months of lovely weather.

That said, I love the UK weather.

I love a wild winter morning when you wake up toasty in bed and listen to the rain lashing against the windows.

Similarly I'm loving it at the moment as I'm working at a table on my terrace under my enormous new parasol with a decent breeze and a view of the pone and the countryside beyond it.  At this moment in time I really can't see a reason to be sitting in an office in London.

What Phil said - you suffer from the heat because you’re not set up for it. 

I lived in London, Western Australia and NZ and WA is without doubt the best weather wise. I can go to the beach in winter, walk the kids to school nearly every morning of the year, spend all my weekends outdoors and don’t own a winter coat or gloves. It’s absolutely rubbish for travel though, whereas you have Europe on your doorstep... 

I lived in the desert for over 10 years. 
english summer wins 




  • Spider sun I'd give you a crisp dry English spring morning if I could find one. 
  • Most GCC pat destinations get 6-9 months of bang on perfect weather, year in year out.
  • Every winter people say to each other 'this is insane - another perfect day'.
  • The summer is difficult at times but basically what Chuffy said. 
  • It's a trade but a profitable one. 

I realise I no longer really like the heat, I have hated the last couple of days, relieved it is breaking.  I would not want to live in a hot climate, AC or no AC. 

“Every winter people say to each other 'this is insane - another perfect day'.“

Put another servant into the thresher, keep pushing that pen. 

Ps if it about the weather California wins 

if it’s about tax free office droning in a culture vacuum that treats women and millions of  Indian labour like animals but has of shiny shops and hotels them I guess you found paradise.  

Central Europe wins it for me: hot summers (25-30c), sunny autumns and cold winters. Provided that you like skiing and live near the mountains, wet weather in January is rewarded by snow. Nov-Dec is the only dull period. I don't need it hotter than 30, makes sport and being in the sun rather sweaty.

On the other hand, SW England is OK though Cornwall is always colder than it should be. It can be tropical in London and freezing in Newquay. would be much better the other way round.

swisstony you are correct about the Cornish climate, one can leave London in 30C heat for a weekend in cornwall only to find it is barely 20C  as it is pure Atlantic weather down there.   It is also nearly invariably grey and wet through August - early summer weather or autumn weather usually better.

Malta is ace, but they treat birds (not burds) v badly, which is sad.

WA is bastard hot in summer tho.

I like english weather, winter is good, i dont like the darkness at 4pm but i like the change, september is a brilliant month

Dubai - work - in suit - hell on earth.

Dubai - holiday - in pools, in air con, in t-shirt and shorts - bearable and in some instances quite pleasant.   

Agree with roger, September is the king of months in the UK.

Here in Cayman it rarely gets above 33-35C in summer and we have the sea breeze.  95% of thentime is sunny or white clouds/sun.  Winter averages around 27C.  So not bad at all if you can tolerare the hurricane risk.  

Hot is good. Humid sucks balls. 


Being in Tokyo for summer is sweat central. 

Yes, Cayman is great, never gets too hot.

Hurricanes can mess you up big time though.

  • No one moves to the UK for the weather.
  • No one stays for it.

I stay for it.   I have refused opportunities to move to warmer climates to work because I don't like hot weather unless it is for a short period on holiday. 

I quite like seasons.  You get them in acceptable places.  Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta less so.

I like British weather. Agree with Minkie re holidays.