Jeremy Hunt

Is he really saying that business owners, many of whom voted to remain, may go under in a no deal Brexit and will just have to suffer and glory in their sacrifice. But all those farmers and those in the fishing industry, many of whom voted to leave, will get a load of money to compensate?  

Populist isn't it. Everyone knows what farmers and fishermen do. Politicians have very little knowledge or interest about what most companies do.

Hunt seems to think because he sold his small company for a few quid makes him an extraordinary negotiator on the world stage . 

Yet he has loads of companies that went pop didn’t he? And then there is the matter of buying 7 flats and failing to notify HMRC and the parliamentary interest register...

There were no easy ways out for him.

He could say that crashing out wouldn’t cost jobs and look economically illiterate.

He could say he wouldn’t crash out and lose the headbanger vote.

He could say jobs would be lost but he wouldn’t meet the people whose jobs he deliberately lost and look spineless.

Or he could do what he did and just look bad anyway.

There is no money for farmers - there is lots of money for large landowners though. 

Guess who the tories protect and who votes for the Tory leader. 

I am actually unsure which of the two is worse. 



Hunt seems to be repeatedly making the error of connecting the vague platitudes of Brexit with actual, real world consequences. 

Brexiteers don't care about GDP or the economy as concepts but showing how those concepts equate to real, identifiable people losing their jobs or becoming poorer is like violating the most basic Tory taboo. 

Brexit was always going to involve giving farmers money as the plan has always been to introduce a new subsidy system.  However, any new system will probably finally see off small hill farms and the like who've been unviable for generations and replace them with some form of land stewardship.

It's interesting where I grew up watching the fight between farmers trying to diversify and survive and the local Nimby groups who don't want to see or smell things like bio digesters.  Neighbours who've been on their farm since Doomsday managed to win that battle and are making money for a change.

no point worrying about this, Hunt won't win and even if he did he wouldn't be able to command a majority in the commons for any of these policies

You sure Heff?  Weekend poll showed Tory members coming round to the view that he'd be a good PM and certainly those I've canvassed will be voting for him.

If Hunt wins he will be brought down by Johnson and the ERG within 6 months. He has already been backed into suggesting it would be untenable to remain PM if he can't get Brexit through.

So, they will simply not let him get Brexit through. 

TBH some sort of land stewardship would be a much better result than propping up a bunch of miserable bastward hill farmers and could mean much better public access to the land.  I quite fancy a hobby hill farm/nature reserve myself #disastercapitalismforthewin

It is the fishing issue that really grinds my gears - having sole right to our fishing waters is one of those banner things the Breximorons keep banging on about.  What they are too stupid to realise or too dishonest to say is that if we prevent EU fisherman in our waters they will slap huge tarrifs on our fish.  Given the amount of British high value fish exported to Europe the industry will be crucified in one fell swoop.   Yes we may have no dirty foreigners fishing in our waters but there would not be many British ones either.

This farcicial situation could be repeated across industry after industry.