Iran's new hypersonic ballistic missile

Just heard on the radio that Iran claim this can travel at 5 tines the speed of light.

Seems unlikely it can tbh 

(Something traveling at the speed of light can circumnavigate the Earth ~6 times in one second)

Also if I remember my relativity correctly, it would take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate something with nonzero mass to the speed of light ... 

They definitely said 5x the speed of light.

They claim it can evade all known missile defence systems. That was less surprising if the first bit was true.

I think something has been lost in translation.

They definitely said 5x the speed of light.

Well if they did it is such an obvious error that only a nincompoop would repeat it. Did they also brag about their perpetual motion machine and everlasting gobstoppers?

I think Russia has shown quite well where relying on propaganda wonder weapons will get you

does it at least have a cool name? kinda feel the middle east has been letting the side down since Saddam's "Lion of Babylon" tanks 

5 times speed of light. 15 times speed of sound.

What's a factor of ~300,000 between friends?

Unless it can travel in an unpredictable way and not just a ballistic trajectory then it will be shot down by advanced air defence.

I was reading maecus chown this morning.  Einstein proved it was impossible to go faster than the speed of light when he was 14.

Just to attain the speed of light - never mind 5 times that - in a reasonable time scale for a battlefield or even intercontinental ballistic missile would subject it to acceleration forces which would obliterate the missile. It would require acceleration of thousands of 'gravities', similar to dropping the missile on the surface of a neutron star.


PAC 3 is early  '90s technology. It first entered service in 1995, having been written in the early 90s!


It is quite unbelievable how long PATRIOT  will endure. It was designed in 1969 and is still expected to on the battlefield in 2040.