Inflation you have actually noticed

I went into Pret today and my Pain au Raisin now costs £2.10 up from £1.85 a week ago. angry

Dog insurance. Last years premium £62.06/mo. This year £101.79/mo. The thieving, gouging, dirty bastards

Got to renew the car insurance soon. Excited to see what my current insurer offers post-the new FCA rules and given the annual drop in the car’s value versus how much the thieving bastards blame inflation to hike it 30% and force me to hit the comparison sites again.

Yes but not by 60%! If it carried on at that r8 I'll be paying 20k a year if he gets to 12.  No claims this last year. Or indeed any claims with this insurer. aunts 

Chuffy do you bother with the comparison sites?  I just phone up and say I've been online and found someone who'll insure my car for £5 and magically they find a bunch of discounts.

That's why I take the chance on Saildog generally only needing her annual vaccinations which are rather less than a month's premium at that rate.

I am going to shop around Dusters.  This is with bought by many who haven't previously had the same sort of awful re like More Than who are notorious for hiking lifetime policy premiums to "fook off" levels.

and heh @ bomb disposal dog.  

I'd self insure if I hadn't previously had the pleasure of going to Fitzpatrick Referrals. Jayzus.  Plus I want the public liability insurance.

I do use comparios sites, sails although not slavishly and if I instantly get a better quote I tend to just move rather than waste time discussing with my current provider. So easy to move these days that that is often quicker.

i thought the thing with dogs is they age quick, so premia climb quickly

agreed on only insuring 4 the first couple of years

Coffee from the supermarket is up about 15%. Though bizarrely if you use the scan app they let you have it at a third off. 

My car hire in US went down nearly a grand.

Had to keep canceling it and rebooking to get best price.


The  cost of NQ solicitors. 


They almost think they are worth £160k now. Some of our "partners" don't even make that lol!

In the last few months at supermarket not so much the big increases for food (I felt) were the first few months of Covid I really noticed things being more expensive and the fake slash real petrol shortages where they jacked the price up about 20p and have only put it back down 5p if that. 

And on the m&s Kiev point - has anyone ever walked out of m&s foodhall without spending £30+?
I go in for bread and milk and come out having spent £30 on about 6 items it’s like a mandatory minimum spend. 

Agreed, and they've stopped doing those "£5 off the next time you spend £50" till receipts, because most of the time, unless you're just buying bread and milk, every one is spending £50 already.

Buzz's dog costs more to insure than my house, almost double, in fact. And my street used to be an actual river. 

lol at noticing the price of a pain au raisin …

cheap house insurance is a mixed blessing tbh; when cellars in our street flooded we had a team of two guys for 2 days cleaning everything in ours - people with cheap and cheerful policies got one guy for a morning 6 weeks later

It was more a comment on the cost of insuring Buzz's pooch than my insurance being particularly cheap. 

My house is wooden and built on sticks, which may come into it. 

Heh, there was a piece on the radio this morning about it hitting A$1.80/L. People don't know how lucky they are to be able to pollute with impunity here.