Give me a job or 100 million euros


The investment banker who was lined up to lead Santander before it suddenly withdrew the offer over his pay demands is suing the Spanish lender for €100m (£900m).

Andrea Orcel submitted a lawsuit accusing Santander of a breach of contract, according to a report in the Financial Times , demanding the bank either hand him the sum in damages or reinstate its offer of the chief executive’s post.

Unless someone completely fvcked the offer letter or there was sort of stupid collateral representation made I wouldn’t have thought he had a hope.

Sounds like a bit of the old pressure tactics to force a settlement - ‘don’t force me to disclose in court the things that you told me about the bank when we were dancing round each other’ type thing.

Er, €100m is not equivalent to £900m m6

i know the prospect of BoJo and Brexit has hit the pound hard, but not that hard.

They could pay me only £10m and I'd happily agree not to be CEO of Santander

£9m and i’d not do it.

Sorry,  ?????, but you just priced yourself out of the market.