fish and chips is the origin of which country/race? No googling or iplayer searches please?

'Gor Blimey Guvner, it's as British as chicken tikka masala innit? etc


Spanish/Portugese in terms of country/countries?

Ah - perhaps Kirsty MacColl had it - "There's a bloke works down the chip shop - think he's Finnish"

Again, nails it. Did you cheat again? Great program with Tom Kerridge on Fish n chips. Personally I love them. I was surprised TBH, given the UK is the doyen of fish n chips. There is a great one near me, queues thursday to sunday 50 strong.Issue is take way's don"t travel well.

And there have been Jews in the U.K. for centuries. They’re as British as dux ffs. 

Does the OP realise nationality and race are two separate things?

wellington, hence I couched and framed the question in that way.

You have three (count 'em) ducks caught on a taught line - play it, dammit, play it.

so what is it that was invented?



Battered fish?


Eating Chips and Fish at the same time?

My Granny used to say that you eat fish with chips in case you get a fish bone caught in your thoat. The chips will clear it down.

I thought it was invented by the magical people:

"There's a bloke works down the chip shop - think he's Elvish"