Even if you have sworn you will NEVER EVER EVER EVER watch Britain's Got Talent, just watch this performance. Especially if you are feeling low. Invest 5 minutes.

Jim whilst not wishing to question your no doubt well honed powers of observation, did you spot something unusual about him?

brilliant prodders, thanks

was that from last night? have they now done an additional three golden buzzers?

they are going to be completely screwed with that on upcoming years

That’s my problem PS. Without doing him down in any way as it’s amazing what he’s overcome, had he not had the disability, he would have got nowhere near the next round (or whatever). The dancing itself didn’t seem particularly accomplished (although I admit I’m no expert so happy for someone who’s into it to put me right).

It felt like a pity vote and reinforced my view that these programs are not so much about talent but rather the back story.

I feel really horrible saying it as this is rather an extreme example but almost every act in such things (my wife used to be addicted to X factor) has an intro about how sad their upbringing was or people they lost. All irrelevant to the performance.

What Jim said but less politely. This sort of bilge is 2nd only to the tozza grifters in doing actual harm to our society. 

Cheap, heart string tugging stories poured directly into the gullible brains of the intellectually challenged. 

Don't question why you are poorer and everything is shit, that's immigrants, now watch this ugly Scottish woman sing quite well and hear how nobody was ever nice to her. Try not to cry, I dare you. 

he was actually a really good dancer (and it was a good routine) 

but it’s modern dance and i appreciate it always looks a bit weird when solo

No. I’m indifferent to this kind of television - that’s genuinely indifferent rather than hostile. I will sometimes watch it if bored or someone else has it on. It does not offend me. The idea of swearing not to watch it seems totally pointless to me. At the same time, I have absolutely no interest in it.

RR gird your loins and click. 

There was NO self pity. Not a shred.  That’s why this was so enjoyable. Just a young man high on life notwithstanding. 

Sir Woke just imagine the link is for one of your favourite pawn stars. You’ll soon overcome the disappointment that it isn’t 

lol no i’ve just watched loads and loads of so you think you can dance with the lovely cat deeley

and tbf it’s the only place i’ve really seen modern dance routines on tv (outside of a handful on britains got talent) - i’ve no idea why it’s never become popular over here as opposed to ballroom/street

it can be overly sentimental sometimes (bordering on mawkish) - maybe it fits better with the american psyche


every so often a modern dance routine pops up on britains got talent (with some story like “british soldier returns home”) and people lose their shit for it and it’s completely banal

some of travis wall’s routines on sytycd have literally made me cry

Fair enough. We’ll see if any Roffers have more expert opinions but my view was he didn’t do anything that you couldn’t see from an extrovert at a club - possibly lying on the floor as you don’t know what you could catch but otherwise didn’t strike me as out of the ordinary.

massive heh at that review 

completely unfair on the guy but i’m giving that an upvote regardless

he didn’t do anything that you couldn’t see from an extrovert at a club

And yeah big lol at this, the clubs you go to must be fooking insane

Has Skitzo got a traumatising back story that adds humanity and emotional weight to their story? If they're just really good but had a normal life then I'm not interested...

Just watched a bit of Skitzo to see what I was missing and, although it doesn’t float my boat, I could see how talented he was. Reinforced my view of the OP if anything.

Can’t help it if you lot go to shit clubs.

Skitzo is street dance. This guy is trying to do contemporary dance ie contemporary ballet. Totally different thing.

It's bloody impressive and he is a phenomenal athlete but he's not really an artist. Like someone playing a musical instrument with skill but no feeling for the music.

The clip is also so over-edited. Like an X factor contestant butchering a Whitney Houston song with their warbling.

In summary, not one of the better talent show clips I have seen. The fat Indian kid who dances and makes jokes about chicken is way more heart-warming.

“It's bloody impressive and he is a phenomenal athlete but he's not really an artist. Like someone playing a musical instrument with skill but no feeling for the music.”


What's really talented is shooting an apple off someone's head, using the bow and arrow with your feet while doing a handstand.

Do it Jim. You should perform in your cozza uniform and shoot an arrow through the whole in a doughnut.

I’d get sacked for being not in full official uniform (can’t wear the boots when I do this as it makes drawing the bow too tricky).

I thought be was very good and an extremely impressive person. 

You cynical fooks need to get over yourselves.

Can’t help it LP. I know what I like and it ain’t that (or Adam Lambert singing with Queen for that matter). Sorry if my likes and dislikes disappoint you.

RR credit where due. Your quips have been very high quality of late. 
Now watch the fooking clip. 

Had to turn it off as the "over production" is extremely irritating, particularly the way they add slow mo sequences in the middle of the dance... just let us watch the damn thing ffs.  

When I was about seven, in a ballet class (I was rubbish), one of the girls was very good and the teacher let her lead us in a routine and before she started the teacher said, don’t go mad and make them chop a leg off or something! and we all giggled

well I wasn’t giggling then

But did you actually watch the clip Marshall? I dont dispute what you say about the program. It is one of my guilty pleasures

And I'm entirely unashamed to enjoy the simple things in life.


Im indifferent to these shows too but watched it and it was nice. Very very good dancing but not off the scale amazing.

What does the golden buzzer do? Make him rich?

Should do something similar in law firms. Once a year a particulatarly superb legal memo with a good backstory and the partners whack a golden buzzer and lucky NQ gets immediate promotion to the EQT. Golden ticker tape in the atrium and emotive music throughout the building.

Maybe a linked in live stream.