england eleven for test match v ireland next week

My team:


Rory Burns  (done just enough to get another chance

Dominic Sibley (old fashioned opener - deserves a go)

James Vince (probably doesn't deserve another go but I think he has the raw materials to be a success)

Joe Root

Jos Buttler

Ben Stokes

Jonny Bairstow

Mo Ali

Stuart Broad

Mark wood

james anderson


- I though about Archer but I think Wood deserves to retain his spot after his performances in the west indies.

- I thought about Jason Roy for sibley or vince. But I think roy is more a number 5 - and there isn't a vacancy at no.5

- I think Ali gives more control than Rashid.

- I don't think Denly did enough in west indies (or in championship this year)



Perfect time to give Archer his shot imo.  Instead of broad probably. and you seem to be shy a fast bowler so i would suggest no vince and woakes comes in with everyone else moving up one.  (or rashid if it's likely to turn.)

1 Burns

2 Jennings

3 Vince

4 * Root

5 Bairstow

6 + Buttler

7 Ali

8 Woakes

9 Curran

10 Broad

11 Anderson

Hang about, I've missed out Stokes. Oh dear I suppose put him at 7 and Ali at 8. Knock Woakesy out.

RJ Burns

KK Jennings

JL Denly

JE Root (c)

JC Buttler

BA Stokes

JM Bairstow †

MM Ali

MA Wood

SCJ Broad

JM Anderson

No love for the plunkbucket.  on reflection i would 'rest' ando and broad and bring in new blood

wang, I think 3 fast bowlers + stokes is enough fast bowling if you are playing a spinner too

Tricky one Wang, I would not wish to deny Anderson his last hurrah home Ashes by causing him injury against Ireland, but then some maniacs have dropped a tun to watch this match so you need some big guns in there.

Isn't Anderson injured?

Agree with Dice's selection of Sibley to open but no thank you to Vince.

they will rest anderson and give archer a go, aderson doesn't need to play this test with 5 coming up

yes, it makes sense to rest Anderson given he's coming back form injury and it's Ireland.

question is whether you bring in woakes or archer

Woakes is one of the first names onto the team sheet for me.

His incisions with the new ball in the World Cup were key and in home tests he's taken 53 wickets at 23.

Add in he's a genuine all-rounder and you'd be mad to leave him out.

RJ Burns

J Roy

C Woakes

JE Root (c)

JC Buttler

BA Stokes

JM Bairstow †

S Curran

M Ali

J Archer

JM Anderson


Roy has got to play.

Woakes is good and 'correct' enough to bat at  the problem 3 slot,  and will score just as many runs as any useless County journeymen like Denly, Sibley or Jennings.

6 front-line bowlers also feels good, and means Woakes and Stokes won't be over-bowled by the time they bat.

Ali's batting has gone to pot, so is shunted down below Boy Sam, who has just taken a 6-fer against Aussie A.

Erm we've just won the World Cup. Good God who cares about a "Test" match against Ireland.

Jennings, Vince, Denly will all be hopelessly exposed by the Aussie pace attack. Jennings, in particular cannot play the moving ball, which is, to put it mildly, a bit of a handicap for an opening batsman. This test is, whether we like it or not, a vital warm up for the Ashes, so subject to the question of injuries, we need to pick the core team to face the Aussies. The balance of long range forecasts for August is warm and dry, so we need more pace, less conventional swing, and someone who can actually spin the ball. We also need to pick our best wicketkeeper, to give whichever spinner we pick a fighting chance of taking wickets.

I would therefore have the following team:

1. Burns

2. Roy

3. Bairstow

4. Root

5. Buttler

6. Stokes

7. Foakes

8. Woakes

9.  Leach

10. Archer

11. Anderson



denly in the squad - boo

stone and Gregory in the squad

archer, buttler and stokes rested.

roy in.

Jennings out.


FFS - Denly. He'll be yet another failed numpty tried at 3.

I'll predict now a top score of 25 by him in the Ashes.

Gregory is an interesting pick - only 27 (thought he was older) and has got better each year. Wonder whether he is a better 1 day and 20-20 player that Test.

He would have been an excellent bowler on that dreadful Lords wicket on Sunday - nips it about at a steady fast-medium. So would Sam Curran have been.

Is it just me or is that squad 1 - 2 batsmen short, or are they proposing to play Ali as a batsman?

Burns, Roy, Denly, Root, Bairstow (wk) and then, well who?

Ali, Woakes, Curran at 6 - 8

If they leave out two from: Gregory, Stone, Leach then that would presumably make your squad:


Burns, Roy, Denly, Root, Bairstow, Woakes, Curran, Ali (one of Gregory, Stone, Leach) and then Broad and Anderson.


Is Woakes really a test no. 6?

Surely we should have 



and woakes

just for the sun headline writers

IMHO if Gregory is no faster than Curran then there is no point picking him. I understand that Stone is genuinely quick, in which case give him a go.


Or is this a specially designed squad for a four day test, i.e. you want 6 bowlers because you are looking at 100 overs a day and the requirement of bowling the oppo out twice, and the batting can be a little bit more "bowling all-rounders smacking 20 and getting out."

What Wang said. Something like:

Stokes coaxes strokes, Woakes smokes folks, Foakes chokes - provokes jokes

ed smith clearly has thing for joe denly. I agree with marshall hall that denly will be an ashes flop if picked