David Steele and Cyril Smith

Have we done this?

Appaz Dave just thought that Cyril no longer abused boys, after admitting to doing the same in years previous. This was in 1979. Smith went on to abuse more children through the 80s. 

Not sure if MI5 knew about Cyril though. Like they did certain others.

Pretty shit m8s. 

The sleezy little arsehole said that it was all lies only just last year. 

What a ****

I don't know why we spaff so much money up the wall - there is nothing to uncover in this silly historic abuse stuff. 


Something of a body blow to my ability to judge someone's character from afar.

Had always thought of Steel as a pretty principled bloke.

Next we'll hear that Jim Callaghan was actually a closet bank robber...