Can we please just stfu about Brexit?

i despise the fact that the idiots won.  But can we just let them get on with their stupid financial suicide so the rest of us can just say “told you so” in a few years?

Being lucky I guess, it won’t really affect me other than make me a bit richer as our currency is demolished and I transfer dollars into sterling.  Great.  But I am just so fucking sick of it all.

Leave, do it, get it over with.

But achieving “Brexit” by officially leaving the EU solves nothing.  

Mid we do it with the May deal, we have not actually left, so the Leavers go on ranting.  

If we do it on a “no-deal” basis then the day after the “Brexit” we will be back negotiating with the EU for the permanent future Trade Agreement.  Just from a position of total weakness.  

You couldn’t make it up.  And it is going to go on and on and on at full tilt for fifteen years.   

If they were only killing themselves financially then I would agree. But unfortunately they are dragging the majority of the country who didn't vote for this nonsense along with them.

Well I for one am surprised to discover that Tecco has significant US$ denominated assets.

best way not to speak about brexit is definitely to start a new thread on why you don't want to speak about brexit

Like this thread is about brexit or not speaking about brexit....

In the same way as The Official Secrets Act says (clause 2.3.1(a)(ii)) "when you are a very important secret government agent for any period of time, YOU MUST NOT TELL ANYONE and definitely do not allude to it on myriad occasions on internet chat pages".  clause 2.3.1(b) goes on to say "definitely don't leave suspicious holes in your career history on linkedin" whilst 2.3.2 suggests "that whole taser thing: shut your face".


it's my fave statute after the Bottomry Act

I thought Tecco owned half of Montana. Or was I just imagining it. Odd, pretty sure he said something along those lines previously.

As of rof's own second man on the balcony would disclose the location of his safe house. Anyway they'll be owned through a complex corporate and trust structure involving entites incorporate din Cayman, the Marshall Islands, Cyprus and the Jovian moon of Ganymede.