british airways ICO fine

anybody know how they go about calculating the quantum?

anybody know if the money is paid directly to the treasury? (I appreciate they may appeal the level of the fine)




actually the bbc says

"The penalty is divided up between the other European data authorities, while the money that comes to the ICO goes directly to the Treasury."

so it gets splits 27 ways?


like your mum's vaj

(ffs, quantum, just say value like a normal human you massive gaping dickhole)

why doesn't the money go to people whose data was hacked? ie me.

who the fuck would buy your data? the theives would be paying another group of hackers to scrub the horror of having your melted welly boot of a passport photo off of their hard drives

you can presumably bring your own claim wellington. let us know how much they pay you?

so it's a double whammy for BA