Abs! RIP Joe Grundy


V sad.  Sound wallpaper for my radio-listening life as far as I can think back. Reckon it was A level years that he started and I became aware that my mother was hooked by the Archers (you could not ring her between 7pm and 7.15 or all hell on your fragile soul). Since then, through the 90s, naughtiest and teens, he’s been there with his rich ooarr and gentle nefarious purpose. As someone said, one of the radio performances of all time.  Perhaps we may all be so lucky and gifted that when we are dead people will regard us as having achieved anything similar. 

I was sad about this and then realised I was thinking of Joe Mangle

Grundy Television made Neighbours. It was reg Grundy joe grundy’s brother.

Then Joe Grundy hasn't.  Stop with the fake news already.

I think Joe will die, he was 98 in the programme, I doubt they will get someone else to play him , he had recorded his last scenes already and they will be used 

Hehe at goose.  

Wot abs said.  They will use this opportunity to kill off old Joe.  Probably has been planned for a while.  

Love the deadringers portrayal of him. 

I wasn't suggesting Joe would die.  They've had silent characters for years.  Or they could just have repeats of someone grumbling unintelligibly in a rustic accent and you'd never know the difference.