The latest Bonkers Law Firm website doesn't so much hide its light under a bushel as set the bushel on fire and wave it in the air.

Promising to be "Beside you as your Friend', it boasts that it is the "Finest & Strongest" firm in Singapore.


The Lion City's finest and strongest. Must be Rajah & Tann? Or perhaps Allen & Gledhill? 

But wait, because it doesn't stop there. It's the Finest and Strongest law firm in the world as well.


Mega-bucks Latham & Watkins? Colossal Dentons? Blue chip Slaughter and May? 

No. It's AW Law LLC.

The AW Law LLC.


Finest and strongest law firm in the world is quite a claim. But given the vast bank of lawyers on hand at AW Law it's a very credible one. Here are some of them:


Although, on closer inspection, the photo appears to be an image of five women completely unconnected to the firm (UPDATE: it's a photo of staff at Austin Moore, a Nottingham firm).

Five women

The full list of actual lawyers at the world's strongest firm is slightly shorter.


And, erm, that's it.

Given that Managing Partner Wahab is the only lawyer mentioned, and has to manage himself, it's no wonder he has to get his hands dirty.

Dirty hands

It could be that Wahab is hiding the rest of his team. If so, at least he's open about his reviews. 78 of them appear on his website. They are each full of praise for the firm or, more precisely, its Managing Partner.

One client couldn't stick to his promise not to worship Wahab too much.

Testimonial Mediation

Others had to resort to emojis.


Abdul Maricar found a way to ensure his testimonial wasn't confused as praise for Abdul Wahab the greengrocer.


Then there was 'E', who didn't want to go into details about slipping and sitting on a frozen aubergine.


Meanwhile, Aliyar Hameed mistook "testimonial" for "crow about network": 

Testimony A

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SecularJurist 08 November 19 21:47

The most tremendous law firm in history(?). Period! Does 'Spicey' produce these write-ups?

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