A new Bonkers Law Firm Website puts the warmth and eccentricity of its two lawyers front and centre.

Kon-Ming Tsai and Claire Tan of De Novo Legal will "empower you to start anew" if you're looking for a visa in Australia. Given what a fight that can be, the grainy snap of Tsai which greets visitors to his site will be reassuring, possibly, as will the two sword logo.


Enter the Dragon.

De Novo Legal's personal approach blossoms in its section on values, which pairs qualities with non-sequiturs. While identikit firms boast about being different, De Novo Legal seems like a genuine outlier, and certainly one of the only firms using eggs and number plates to bring in business.


Enter the Dragon boat.


Minor point, but Tsai has actually changed his haircut.


They're fooling with us, surely.




If not, they're going to die like Elvis.

Tsai, pictured wearing a rucksack back-to-front, "will practise law until he dies" according to his profile, which will not be at your hands given his martial arts prowess. 


His profile poem encompasses his weariness with the world and his hero.


A 'Life Story' section provides further intriguing details about Tsai.


After arachnids, he moved to Bolton where he had to de-ice his loo. He was determined to make an impression. 


And he did.


Tan presents her profile as free-form poetry, too. She may have taken the wrong message from her favourite movie.


Nice work De Novo, you're in.

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