Australian lawyer, David J Weinberg has featured a stunning video on his law firm website in which he fights off three would-be assassins, one armed with a pink plastic gun.

Weinberg's promotional advert, rather than focusing on conventional legal skills such as analysing statues or drafting, instead demonstrates that what clients really want is a lawyer with aggression.  More to the point the aggression of a blindfolded cornered badger who will ask opponent lawyers to take things outside when negotiations are stalling. 

In his fight teaser trailer video for legal services, Weinberg, possessed like a man whose pint has been stared at for too long, squares up to the camera asking in a broad Aussie accent "Is your lawyer afraid of a fight?"  He also postulates as to what your lawyer might like to do in his spare time: "Smoke, drink, drugs?"  Not Weinberg who barks "I fight for fun".  A Bruce Lee-esque sequence follows with Weinberg beating up three men, who may have just been asking if he wanted to take up anger management classes.


Weinberg's response to the opposing lawyer's request to amend the contract.

After showcasing his grappling skills, as is common parlance amongst world champion fighters, Weinberg refers to himself in the third person, urging prospective clients to "Get Weinberg!"

The testimonials on his website feature clients delighted in their lawyer's canine abilities: "Weinberg is a bulldog; go get them bull dog!" and "Weinberg is like a dog at a bone." One client seemingly unleashes Weinberg when he wants that due diligence done by Friday, with the testimonial "Weinberg attack!"  

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Anonymous 12 May 15 12:13

conventional legal skills such as 'analysing statues'? Weinberg needs to get his teeth into ROF's proofreader :)

Anonymous 28 June 18 09:03

I noticed the registered trademark symbol appearing at the end of "GET WEINBERG ®!" in one of his recent blog posts.

Yes, indeed, he has registered the phrase "get Weinberg" as a trademark.

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