This week's award for the most feral lawyer on the internet goes to David Weinberg of eponymous firm Weinberg lawyers.

Australian lawyer Weinberg initially starred in two videos to demonstrate his legal capabilities, one in which he hurled a man to the floor and disarmed an attacker with a pink plastic gun. An additional two videos have since emerged on his site to assure clients that he is still very much up for a scrap.

In one of the latest videos "Jewish Lawyer Gone Wild -  Episode 3" Weinberg barks that other "weak" lawyers allow their clients "to lie down and die" or "beg for mercy". But that is not the Weinberg way. This ferocious lawyer promises that he "revels in the fight to protect" clients.

In Episode 4, Weinberg ramps up the aggression and enquires "does someone owe you money?" before revealing that he can find ways to extract funds from debtors: "to get your money, we can use the path of least resistance, or most resistance."

The videos all appear on the official YouTube channel for Weinberg Lawyers, which also serves as a useful insight into some of the methods Weinberg might choose to deploy in negotiations:


And just in case a debtor has a couple of inches on Weinberg:


But most alarmingly, this side of Weinberg is also revealed:



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