This week's Bonkers Law firm website pummels its metaphor for the full 12 rounds.

Possibly suffering from one too many hits to the head, German firm Greyhills promotes its legal services with lawyers squaring up to the camera and telling everyone how 'ard they are. It could have been a contender as a devastating marketing campaign, were it not for the unlikely-looking pugilists conveying all the menace of mewing kittens.  

Ulrich 'The Cologne Lip' Luckhaus' biggest fight is removing his glasses with his gloves on.

Bonkers 001

'Iron' Jens Steinberg tempts opponents with a punchable smirk.


It's a trap to lure the unwary into his ring.


Bruno 'Balboa' Glombitza considers the best method of attack.


He plumps for a tube to the chops.

Bonker 009

And a kick to the crotch.

Kick pic

The lawyers also duel (muscle power may vary, terms and conditions apply).


"Autsch Jens, that's my thumb."

Over the top

Pray they never turn their firepower on you, or this could be the last thing you ever see.


Also available for acting work.


Headshot 2

Headshot 3

Their secret weapon is known only as 'Yamak the Elephant Man'.


Greyhills wins this week's barmiest firm by a split decision. If they're looking for other people to fight, may RollOnFriday suggest the lawyer who duffed up a log, this feral solicitor or a true warrior.

If you've spotted solicitors who want to take it outside, tell RollOnFriday.


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bingo 17 January 20 08:31

oh dear, looks like it's not going to end well for Ulrich

What's the time entry code for "duelling" ? 17 January 20 16:54

So many questions, as usual with these bonkers entries. Just one: Why are they ready to fight each other?

SecularJurist 17 January 20 22:20

Can't say one cares for Bruno M. Glombitza's dress sense. White trainers and chinos? Oh dear. Is he from I.T.?

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