Hundreds of you completed the Aussie Firm of the Year 2014 survey to rate or slate everything from your firm’s pay, prospects, work/life balance and openness. But how have firms fared when it comes to the things that really matter - the biscuits, bogs and boozing?


Well done to Marque Lawyers, DLA Piper and Gilbert + Tobin, the top three firms for snacks. And huge cheers for Mills Oakley which dishes out ice creams for everyone “when the temperature outside reaches 40 degrees C”. Nom nom nom.  Some firms however have ditched the sugary goodness in favour of a healthier alternative. At Norton Rose, one starving lawyer says, "No biscuits but great fresh fruit baskets every day (limit 1 piece per person!!)”. And no cream, fat or sugar in sight for staff at Lavan Legal, who have hired a full time fat checker 'Health and Wellness Coordinator' to keep an eye on staff's health and well-being.  



And so to the state of the bogs. It seems that lawyers aren’t complaining at Marque Lawyers, DLA Piper and Piper Alderman, which are the three highest scoring firms for the state of their loos. Special mention to Lavan Legal which scored a respectable 67% for using “a different air freshener in the washrooms on each of the four floors". One lawyer comments that, "if you are able to hold on long enough to make the lift journey between floors you can enjoy a veritable virtual tour of glades and forests”.


Staff at Clayton Utz spoke highly of the toilets but one lawyer would like to see biscuits with a higher fibre content, given the state the bogs are left in by some of his/her colleagues. At K&L Gates there ARE also complaints of skid marks in the ladies loos, “constantly” and the men’s toilets at Gilbert + Tobin have been described as a “war zone”. And a word of advice for the snot bandit who frequents the gentlemen's toilets in Maddocks’ Brisbance office, “using a tissue wouldn’t go astray”.

  Tackling a G + T war zone yesterday 

Social Life

The social scenes at Marques, DLA Piper and Gilbert + Tobin have been rated the best of the Aussie firms. Lawyers at Marques scored their firm a near-flawless 99%.  One lawyer shared their dream with RollOnFriday: “I wish we had offices all around the world so everyone else can experience our greatness”. And another rates its 4pm Friday drinks policy, when it’s “pens down and Asahi beers”.  Nice. The perks at Gilbert + Tobin have also been highly rated, "from bottles of Veuve gifted by partners for hard work, to lunches at Sydney's top establishments” , all of which have landed the firm in third place.

Other firms rated for their lawyers’ promising social lives include Lavan Legal, which dishes out “drinks in the lounge every day” as well as a free breakfast. Ashurst lawyers enjoy some “good movie nights”  (when they're not working "crazy hours") and lawyers at Corrs have “drinks every Friday, not just once a month.”


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