07 November 2018

Wright Hassell has made a video demonstrating how not to play rugby called "We try harder" (geddit?). Brian Moore - look away.

The video commercial places a strong emphasis on effort over skill, with each player chucking the ball over their shoulder as if it was a ticking time-bomb. The lawyers appear admirably unfazed by their lack of ability, although to be fair they are in office blouses and suits. An actual rugby player was also roped in to appear as the opposition in the short video, in what could be a career-ending clip if the footage ever gets more than 10 views.

Rugby one

The fly-half gets off a perfect hospital pass, a valuable skill for any lawyer.


Rugby 2

Not what the coach had in mind when he called for a dummy move, but the centre has picked it up off his laces.


Rugby 3

It's an odd partnership as he throws it out wide to the wing. A burly Wasps rugby player bears down on Wright Hassell's man, but, somewhat remarkably, he avoids the tackle and a heart attack to score. The crowd go mild as he realises his childhood dream of besting the type of jock who gave him wedgies at school. Despite scoring, the result is pointless.*

Now for the firm to convert** this video into business - tough call.

Here's the clip in all its glory: 

*Running out of puns.
**And we're spent.
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Mamie Van Doren 09 Nov 18

Presumably this is meant to demonstrate that the firm are fun-loving humans yet still the men all wear the classic dark suit, white shirt, dark tie uniform of the Identikit Boring Bastard. STOP WEARING TIES. I really do feel very strongly about this.

Anonymous 09 Nov 18

By remarkable coincidence, I was recently asked to direct a promotional video for a rugby club.  They decided to continue to wear their playing kit, but the film was shot in an office, and the poor players were reduced to pretending to act for businesses and individuals locally, regionally and nationally across a diverse range of sectors (agriculture, charities, housing, advanced manufacturing, financial services and technology to name but a few).

Ellaine 09 Nov 18

Am I the only one that thinks this is great? Well done to them for thinking outside of the box. Not sure this will get them more clients, but I found it amusing.

Anonymous 09 Nov 18

I found the whole thing toe-curling in the extreme and gravely injurious to the dignity of all concerned.  But hey, if we all liked the same things, they wouldn't sell biscuits in selection boxes, and then what kind of a world would we be living in?

EyeThangYou 09 Nov 18

They did think about changing into their PE kit, but decided it was a Wright Hassall and they couldn't be bothered.

Lydia 09 Nov 18

Why does the old man presumably senior partner get to win at the end rather than have the woman at the start get all the glory of the final success?

3-ducks 09 Nov 18

"Mamie van Doren" is responsible for the appalling decline in sartorial standards in the workplace. Virtually no-one dresses properly now and it's a great shame.

Anonymous 10 Nov 18

Attendance at the event must be confirmed in writing only, and not via email, otherwise it doesn't count.

Anonymous 16 Nov 18

No jinky side step around the Wasps player to reflect a "solutions led" approach?  Given the Wasps' player's distinctly passive approach (he being cast as Wright Hassell's opposition), is the message from the firm that for other law firms working opposite them who approach them 'collaboratively': expect to be handed-off?   Or that they only usually face weak / non-existent opposition on the deals they work on?  It leaves more questions than answers really...  Nice work by the ROF TMO

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