you've got rsemail

RollOnFriday would like to extend its heartfelt congratulations to ReviewSolicitors for giving itself the finest email address in law.

The web business’ particular method of ranking and profiling means the site has no space for the Magic Circle, and Taylor Rose is certified as the best firm in London.

taylor rose number one

Woah! It's got two gold stars, two crowns, two medals, a rosette, a trophy AND a certificate.

But what really matters is that the business sends all its emails from

Solicitors were contacted via @rsemail this week with invitations encouraging them to join the site. "How would you feel about an email from '@rsemail'?" a lawyer asked RollOnFriday. "@rsey? Maybe this marketing strategy is @rse about face". 

an email from arsemail

It's not [email protected] it's @rsemail.

The company did not respond to a request for comment, which is fair enough as it was obvious we were just going to take the p:$$.

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The ASSMAN 16 August 20 05:29

The 'R' in the email address presumably stands for Review, and the 'S' for Solicitors. But why add an 'E'? Just couldnt help themselves??

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