Grisanti: law and disorder

Police handcuffed and detained a shirtless, sweary judge after he shoved an officer, following a neighbour dispute.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Mark Grisanti was captured on police video footage pushing an officer, making threats and name-dropping his connections. 

Judge Mark Grisanti and his wife Maria were having a feud with neighbours over parking spaces on their street. Police body camera footage showed Judge Grisanti and his wife shouting and swearing at the neighbours. In the heated dispute, the judge had his shirt off, and one of the neighbours told an officer that the Grisantis were drunk. 

An officer handcuffed Mrs Grisanti when she refused to stop screaming. Judge Grisanti then headed over and shoved the cop. Another judge intervened in the scuffle, telling Grisanti, "you're not going to fight a cop."

Judge Grisanti told the officers "you arrest my fucking wife, you're going to be sorry." The judge also threatened the officers saying "if you don't get the cuffs off her right now, you're going to have a problem". The officers detained Mrs Grisanti in a police vehicle.

The judge berated the officer who cuffed his wife offering him some "constructive criticism." He also name-dropped, saying he was "good friends" with the mayor, and referred to his "cousin" Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia, and also mentioned that his daughter and son-in-law were police officers. 

Having heard enough, another officer stepped in and cuffed Grisanti saying "you want to drop another copper's name? You want to scream about how you know Gramaglia or the mayor? You want to make us look dirty, is that what you want to do?"

The frustrated officer called the judge an "old geezer" and said, "you're dropping everybody's name with a badge and you're expecting special treatment. How does that look like to everybody in this environment?". Judge Grisanti suddenly appeared contrite and agreed: "It doesn't look good. You're right." 

Further footage showed the judge, with his hands cuffed in the back of a police vehicle, speaking to a detective (reportedly Grisanti's cousin) on speakerphone. 

"The thing that freaks me out is that everything you do is going to be scrutinised because of your job," said the detective. "If you get arrested, that's going to be all know it's going to be on the news". The judge said, "yeah, I understand that."

Judge Grisanti and his wife were detained but it has been reported that they were not charged.

Footage of the sweary, shirtless judge can be seen here

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ShootyMcShootyface 16 October 20 09:29

Is it just me, or do a lot of american judges look very young?

Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe they liberally apply Grecian 2000. 

But this guy looks younger than some trainees I know.

Anonymous 16 October 20 21:50

This probably further explains why so many litigants want their cases determined in London.  

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