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Finally, someone in law winning a real award.

An RPC employee has bagged a film festival gong with her ethereal music video. 

When Maya Whatton is not a digital marketing specialist at the firm, she is alt-pop artist Maya Yenn.

Maya released her debut single during the pandemic, achieving recognition on TikTok while the rest of us briefly followed Joe Wicks then got fat again. Now she has won Best Music Video at this year's British Independent Film Festival for her song "How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?"

The digital specialist describes the music video as "a love letter to sci-fi cinema". It depicts Maya sprinting through the English countryside towards a crash-site where something strange has fallen to earth.

"Struggling to resist an onslaught of psionic weaponry as her reality is distorted and her memory is eroded, she eventually makes it to a mysterious diamond that has appeared on the horizon," said the RPC staffer, perhaps empathising with lawyers whose brains go through a similar process during an all-nighter.

Maya told RollOnFriday, “I'm a huge fan of sci-fi cinema so when it came to making the music video for the song I really wanted to pay tribute to that by telling a story that referenced a lot of the films I love from the genre. There are references to Melancholia (2011), Arrival (2017) and Annihilation (2018) in there that I’m sure you’ll be able to spot if you know the films."

Just a three-person team, including Maya, shot the "no budget" video across Derbyshire, Cheshire and at Crosby Beach in Liverpool. James Langley, another member of the trio who served as cinematographer, editor and VFX artist, also works in the legal industry as a creative media executive at Taylor Wessing.

RPC's director of brand, marketing and sales, Ed FitzGerald, said, “The reaction internally to Maya's win has been brilliant. The story on our intranet has gone viral, in relative terms at least. Her talent speaks for itself, of course, but what also looms large are her commitment and hard work in chasing her dreams."

"We're all so pleased for her that she's getting this kind of well-deserved recognition, not least as she's just an all-round lovely person," said FitzGerald.

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On second thoughts, it’s better without product placement.

Watch the video here:

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Anonymous 24 June 22 10:25

What a nice story. An inspiration to all of us to make time to do something useful/fun with our time out of the office.

A fuddy duddy 24 June 22 10:47

I have just shown this to my daughter and she loved it. She said it reminds her of Aurora (I have no idea who Aurora is, but my daughter is a fan).

Taylor Wessing lawyer 24 June 22 16:29

Great stuff James and Maya. Really pleased to see your creative skill and hard work being recognised this way. 

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