Almost everything else this year was cancelled, but not Christmas, which has been saved, thanks to Santa, BoJo and Mrs Brown's Boys.

RollOnFriday’s oven-ready Christmas quiz is here, and it’s the most fun you can have in Tier 3 without the police being called. The answers to the 12 riddles can be found buried in the stories contained in the Review of the Year 2020.

The triumphant quiz champ, plucked from an orange hat, can choose between £100 or a boozy lunch at a top restaurant in London with the RollOnFriday team, once things are back to normal. The lunch has only been selected once in 19 years (no offence taken).

xmas q

We'll be waiting.

Pick your answers carefully, for a shot at eternal glory (lunch/£100).

Please note, you'll need to give an email address so you can be contacted if your name is picked out of the hat. Good luck.

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