A paralegal in the US is suing her supervisor for allegedly leaving her filthy voicemails in which he threatened to send her photos of his bottom hole.

Karen Eisenberg's claim stated that two months after she joined Los Angeles firm Bassi Edlin Huie & Blum as Michael Gallagher's paralegal, the pair had consensual sex after the firm's 2016 Christmas party.

Eisenberg claimed that after the one night stand, the partner made unwanted sexual advances and left explicit sexual messages on her mobile. She said she had recordings of voicemails in which Gallagher called her a "stupid fucking ass", a "bitch", a "psycho weirdo", an "alcoholic" and a "fucking cock sucker". When she failed to respond to one call, Gallagher allegedly left a voicemail telling her she was "probably sucking some guy's dick" and threatened to text her some "hairy butthole pics". Joining the firm in her claim, she accused it of firing her with no explanation after she complained about Gallagher's behaviour.

  It's a timely reminder never to consult Cyrano de Bergecrac.

A spokesman for BEHB told RollOnFriday that Eisenberg's claims were "meritless" and that her termination had nothing to do with Gallagher or any other lawyer. He claimed that in December 2016 the firm had reprimanded her for "extremely inappropriate" behaviour at a firm event, and that she was sacked for her behaviour at another BEHB gathering. 

Employing the dubious defence wheeled out by several companies accused in recent weeks of ignoring sexual predators, he said Eisenberg "filed no complaints against other BEHB employees, and did not bring any concerns to the attention of management". But just in case, BEHB "is reviewing its HR policies".

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Anonymous 17 November 17 09:42

"Eisenberg's claims were "meritless" and that her termination had nothing to do with Eisenberg"

Presumably when you get fired, you do play at least a minor role in your own sacking...

Anonymous 17 November 17 09:49

Anonymous at 09:42...have you been living under a rock recently? Are you still so naive to think people getting fired is always down to their own fault? Wakey wakey

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