Blavo & Co, the firm which put all its staff into a redundancy consultation last week, has been reported to the police.

John Blavo, the firm's founder, Senior Partner, Managing Partner and Immortal Glorious Leader, previously told RollOnFriday that the 240 people whose jobs are at risk could blame their own crap performance reviews and the "knock-on effects of legal aid cutbacks". He said the cutbacks "have severely impacted upon the number of cases we are allowed to be paid for in this particular area".

His comment may have suggested that the firm was suffering from the same legal aid cutbacks that have been affecting the wider market. But Blavo was being too modest, as his firm is actually the subject of a very specific legal aid cutback. A spokesman for the Legal Aid Agency who told RollOnFriday it had "identified significant concerns about claims from this firm"  and.stopped all payments to it. It has terminated its contracts with Blavo & Co and referred the matter to the Metropolitan Police. Its mad tweets are presumably incidental.

  Blavo, Sir

RollOnFriday asked Blavo if his statement had been economical with the truth. He declined to comment on that, and would only confirm that his firm was in dispute with the LAA and that he would "fully co-operate with any enquiries if required to do so”.

That's if he still owns the firm. In the latest development, accountants Armstrong Watson have sent out an email inviting bids on an unnamed firm with remarkably similar characteristics to Blavo & Co. It doesn't however say whether management think the staff are crap or whether the police are queuing up at the door, so perhaps it's another firm. Anyway, the deadline is 12 October, so hurry now.
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Anonymous 14 October 15 11:59

Turns out it was the "Immortal Glorious Leader" (or should that read Immoral?!) after all.

I feel sorry for all the employees that were completely in the dark about what he was getting up to